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Stencil Paint Kits

Should I buy a coordinating paint kit?

Should you buy one of our paint kits? Um... yes! We’d highly recommend it. We began selling paint kits due to an overwhelming request from our customers.
  • It's easier and more convenient! 
  • No guess work! Each acrylic paint kit contains just the right amount and colors you’ll need to completely transform the entire room.
  • We know paint! We’ve tested out all sorts of brands through the years.The paints we sell in our paint kits have the winning combination of both covering well and being affordable.
  • Save time and money!  There is need to shell out money for gas or tax or waste precious time when we can ship it right to you for FREE.
We often hear from customers who admit that they wish they just would have bought the coordinating paint kit from us in the first place. Here's Sara D., a repeat customer who last year chose not to buy the paints from us with her first purchase.

“I am SO glad I chose to buy my paint from you this time as opposed to going it on my own, thinking I could get it cheaper at Wal-Mart. In the long run, buying somewhere else doesn't save money. It wastes a LOT more time too. I can't tell you how much longer it took than what was necessary by using the cheaper paint that was so much more diluted. And really, the price that you sell your paint kits for, people could not buy at their own craft store for cheaper. Not to mention if they go to a craft store they have to pay tax. I'm a firm believer in learning from other people's mistakes, even if they're my own mistakes. LOL. So, please feel free to pass along this information.”

Note: Latex paint for background is not included in paint kit. We do not ship paints outside the continental U.S.
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