Pirate Theme Wall Sticker Kit

Product Description
$136.99 USD
  • 27 large fabric wall stickers
  • make a pirate wall mural for your kids room in minutes
  • repositionable, reusable and layerable
  • amazing detail in the designs
  • leaves no residue when removed
  • made from SafeCling™ fabric that won’t stretch or tear
  • no white edges – looks like it is painted on the wall



Full Description

Ahoy thar Mateys! ‘Tis be th’ most grand and imaginative pirate wall sticker kit ye’ll ever find! Our steampunk inspired pirate theme wall decals are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. (Seriously, they are that good)! In the kit, you’ll receive a total of 27 large pirate wall stickers, enough to fill up all four walls of your pirate-minded wee one. And for an additional $25, you can add a large personalized pirate sign.

Our pirate wall stickers are like having a pirate storybook on your walls. Under the ocean, a squid and octopus battle as a merman and mermaid seek golden treasures. On the high seas, sailing pirate ships duke it out in battle and share the ocean with menacing whales. Look up and you’ll see flying pirate ships, floating islands, and a flock of sea gulls in flight. On land, a pirate finds his loot under the shade of a towering palm tree. You can create the perfect pirate themed kids room using our outstanding pirate wall stickers!

Look closely and you’ll see the details in the design of our pirate wall stickers. By utilizing handmade paper, shading and drop-shadows, our pirate stickers appear to have organic textures and pop off the walls, though they are actually flat to the touch. And let’s not forget about the amazing material– all of our pirate wall stickers are made from SafeCling™, an innovative fabric adhesive material that is repositionable, removable, and layerable. They are ultra-easy to put up, easy to remove, and leave no sticky residue. Create a pirate themed kids room in minutes!

The Flying Pirates Wall Sticker Kit is perfect for any child who loves pirates. They look great in boys’ rooms, girls’ rooms, toddler rooms, play areas, bathrooms, classrooms, day care centers, preschools, doctors’ offices and more.

So, what ye ye waitin’ fer? Gift ye wee one th’ scurvy pirate room he’s be dreamin’ ‘o. ‘N if ye don’t, ye’ll be walkin’ th’ plank fer sure! Aaaargh!

Note: The background wall colors you see in this image are painted on. These colors are: 
Sky – Lowe’s Valspar 5002-7B Surf Spray
Waves – Lowe’s Valspar 5002-9C Summer Splash
Sand – Lowe’s Valspar 3008-2A Chickery Chick

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