Montana Mom Creates Fun Jungle Bedroom with Jungle Walls Stencils

by Tara Woodbury on May 24, 2013


We asked Breana, mom of Talen, age 2 to tell us a little bit about how she created his new big boy room with our Jungle Safari Wall Mural Stencil Kit. Read what she had to say about her inspiration for the room and her experiences with My Wonderful Walls.

My Wonderful Walls: Who is the wall mural you painted for?
Breana: Our son Talen, who is 2.

My Wonderful Walls: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Breana: I'm a stay at home mom so I'm always coming up with some project to do. In between projects we travel a lot. Some of my hobbies are painting, quilting, pottery, shopping and reading. We love the outdoors, just not in the cold Montana winter. 

My Wonderful Walls: What inspired you to choose the Jungle Safari Wall Mural Stencil Kit?
Breana: I decided to go with the jungle safari theme because my son loves animals so much. He also loves cars/trucks so he got the best of both with his bed. We were switching him from a crib to a big boy bed, so I thought if he had an awesome room it would be a lot easier- and it was. I really loved the coloring and texturing of the stickers.... but at the same time I had an itch to paint it myself. After exchanging a couple fast and friendly emails with Stephanie I had the confidence to take on the stenciling project with the sticker look as the goal.

My Wonderful Walls: You created a quite unique look with your stenciling; can you tell us how you achieved it?
Breana: I did use the sponge a lot. I found that using a small sponge with little gaps worked best. Using this type of sponge allowed for finer detail versus the normal sponge.I found mine at hobby lobby or Joanne fabrics. The next tool I found helpful was this little bell like sponge thing. I used that on the clouds, elephants and the tree tops. With the trees- I sponged on the lightest color first (which was a dark brown mixed with light brown and white), then the light brown and finished it off with the dark brown. With the elephants-I painted on the light blue and waited until it was almost dry but still a little wet. I then took the bell looking sponge with a tiny amount of dark blue paint and kind of brushed it across the top lightly. Then I took another sponge with no paint on it and blended it. For the face - I used a bell sponge and brushed the face with the paint from ears, same thing waited until it was a little dry. For the clouds- I painted the white on. Let it dry. Used a bell sponge and swirled light blue through. The leaves- I painted darkest greenfirst and then sponged a lighter color on top. I tried to mix up the leaves with greens to give it more contrast. The toucan beak- I did it in sections. I painted it the orange first. Then I swiped the yellow through, then the next color and painted the tip red. For other animals such as the tiger, zebra,giraffe- I just lightened the color with some white and sponged it on. 

My Wonderful Walls: What was Talen’s reaction to the wall mural when he first saw it?
Breana:  I attached a picture of Talen "helping" me. I love how focused he looks. The next one is when his elephant arrived and his room was complete. His cheesy smile says it all. He loves it.

My Wonderful Walls: How long did it take you overall to complete the project?
Breana: 3 weeks but we were traveling a lot during the project.

My Wonderful Walls: What did you enjoy most about the wall mural creation process?
Breana: I enjoyed blending the paint and coming up with my own color combinations. I found myself staying up late at night to work on the mural because it was so calming and fun. I loved watching it progress and had fun deciding where to put everything.

My Wonderful Walls: Did you add any finishing touches to the standard wall mural?
Breana: I did. My son recently watched the movie Madagascar and loved it. Since there are jungle animals in the movie, I decided to figure out how many miles it was to Madagascar. (The answer in case you’re wondering can be seen in the photo below!)

My Wonderful Walls: Do you have any helpful tips for the people who use our products, especially our stencils?
Breana: Don't be afraid to blend colors. If you make a mistake it is incredibly easy to fix! I also started with the trees being my first stencil. It's may seem a little overwhelming on where to place animals and such,  so I found by placing the trees first relieved a lot of the stress. After that it was a breeze. Also, I stenciled leaves and flowers where the dresser and his bookcase are in case furniture got moved in the future. (I didn’t want a bare spot.)

My Wonderful Walls: Tell us a little about your experience with the product and with the My Wonderful Walls folks in general.
Breana: It was awesome to deal with the people at My Wonderful Walls. If I asked a question I got a FAST, friendly response. They truly value their customers. I thought that I needed to replace my treetop stencil (something being my fault completely)  but they walked me through it and gave me tips on how to fix it rather than selling me another one which I appreciated so much! The stencils hold to the wall beautifully. And my walls were even somewhat textured. Overall a very well thought out setup. They make it as easy as it can be.

Well shucks Breana, thanks for the compliments! We definitely value our customers. Now that you've seen our Jungle Safari Wall Stencils in action, start your own wall mural project today. Check out our FAQ page and video tutorials for more information and ideas. Whether you buy our wall stencil kits, individual stencils,wall sticker kits or canvas wall art, we would love to hear from you next!