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About the Author – Jennah Mitchell is a writer and mother to two lovely little girls. She and her husband Derrick make their family home in Montana, where space is big and the open sky is even bigger. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @jennahmitchell – she will follow you back and would love nothing more than to hear from you.

I am a mom with two small children under the age of four, and not one but three self-owned businesses, so I definitely know the meaning of the term “budget.” When we wanted to decorate our oldest daughter’s room a few years ago, we went with two small cans of paint and a matching bedspread, simply because that just about maxed out our budget at the time…not to mention our creativity. We were stretched to the limit trying to keep all of our spinning plates in the air, and thinking outside the box for other kid room ideas (even though we both are fairly creative) was just not in the cards for us.

While we still like the end result – a bright green hue that matches with the bedspread, decorations, and artwork that we have since added to the room – we wish that we would have known about My Wonderful Walls wall stickers during that crazy time of life, as it would have been a truly “wonderful!” alternative for us.

I will admit, part of what draws me to the My Wonderful Walls company is the fact that they are a family run business committed to maintaining a USA-based production (everything is designed and manufactured directly from the company shop in their hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee). The Goins family is truly a remarkable bunch, and the products they make are nothing short of inspired.

However, the thing that draws me most to their kits – particularly the wall sticker kits – is their ease of use, their versatility, and their breathtaking beauty. More than just your average decal, their wall stickers evoke a feeling of realism and texture; many even look like hand-painted designs! This attention to detail is, for me, what sets their stickers (and everything else they have created, for that matter) apart from anything else I have seen.

Splendid Garden Wall StickersSo – on to the fun part: my favorite designs! Without a doubt, I am in love with their Splendid Garden Sticker Kit. Not only does the kit come with over sixty reusable and “layerable” stickers, but it also is made from a special fabric that will not stretch or tear! This is a HUGE plus for people who, like me, have overzealous puppies and children that could easily turn a lesser sticker into a shredded heap in no time. You can bet that the next chance I get, I am ordering up one of these kits – complete with the optional personalized sign.

Family Tree Wall StickerFor a more traditional, whimsical look, I think that the Classic Oak Family Tree Sticker Kit is phenomenal. In fact, I am so enamored with it that it just occurred to me that if they would make it in a black and white color scheme it would be the perfect centerpiece to the large wall in my family room! Move over kid’s rooms and nurseries; My Wonderful Walls sticker kits are for mom and dad too!

Cars and Trains StickersFinally, even though I do not have boys yet, I have my eye on the Transportation Wall Sticker Kit. In fact, since my girls love trucks and heavy equipment (their grandpa is in that line of work, so what is a Papi’s girl to do?) this kit may just give my beloved Garden kit a run for its money!

Now, let’s talk dollars and cents here for a minute, because I know that – like me – many other moms out there are thinking what I thought before: “It sounds great – too great to be something I can afford.” To accurately compare the options, here, let’s look at, say, an average gallon of Behr paint, which can cost anywhere from $20-$30; this is before purchasing brushes, rollers, tape, drop cloths, and more, which could easily put you in the $75-$100 range once it is all said and done. Then you are still left only with painted walls – no personality, decoration, or theme to speak of. With a My Wonderful Walls sticker kit, the average price lies between $60-$130, with many options coming in at an even lower price. Talk about a sweet, that is wonderful, deal!


Using Psychology of Color to Select Paint for Children's Rooms 2

Color WheelDesigning your child’s room or nursery is a fun process brimming with possibilities.  Painting walls is just one simple way to transform a space, but choosing the perfect color can seem daunting at first.  There are many ways to decide what color to paint a child's rooms- from color matching paint with the child’s bedding, to choosing shades you personally like.  One way to approach the decision making process is to consider the psychology of color.  It’s long been known that colors affect people’s moods, both positively and negatively.

Have you ever wondered why nearly all fast food restaurants implement bright red in their decorating schemes? Simply because the color red increases appetite! Red is also known to raise one’s blood pressure and heart rate. So, if you are looking for a peaceful setting for your little sleepers, painting a baby room wall red would not be a good idea.  However, just because a swath of red might not be the best choice for a wall, doesn’t mean you have to eliminate the color altogether.  You can use red accents for a splash of color.  Still wanting to paint the wall with a warm color, yet without the stimulating intensity of red? Try a cheerful orange!  Orange is a welcoming hue, symbolizing balance and stability.

To instill a feeling of tranquility to your kid room wall decor, focus on cool colors, such as blue, green or lilac.  Blues seem to produce a calming effect on people, helping signal bedtime for restless children.  Be careful to pick a shade with warm undertones to prevent a feeling of coldness, and steer clear of dark blue-which can have the same effect as black.  Green, considered the color of relaxation, is also a soothing option.  While the majority of adults tend to dislike violet, this color generally elicits a pleasing response from children.  It is also said to stimulate imagination-perhaps an ideal hue for a playroom?

Some other tidbits to take into consideration while choosing paint colors for children’s rooms and nursery wall decor:

  • Muted earth tones, such as brown, light gray and beige, have a grounding effect and are a good choice for hyperactive children.
  • Since white reflects 80 percent of light, it makes rooms appear larger and brighter.  White can serve as the base color, leaving you a lot of room to pull in other fun, colorful elements.
  • Blue has been said to help prevent nightmares.
  • Bright yellow can produce anxiety in babies and children.
  • Green is believed to strengthen self esteem and makes dim rooms appear more vibrant.

Although I’ve mentioned general statements about color, you must remember that not everyone responds the same way to each color.  As long as you follow some basic, common sense guidelines (don’t ever use black or dark colors for baby nurseries or bright red for the main color, etc.), you can choose shades within the realms of personal preference.  It is a good idea to involve older children in the paint choosing process, since they alone know how certain colors make them feel.  Plus, what child wouldn’t want a personal space reflecting their budding personality?

Written by Heather Isaac

10 New Year's Resolutions When Painting Your Child’s Room 2

Paint Projects

Forget about your own personal resolutions for the year (eat better, exercise more, save more. Boring!) Let’s address something more fun…. 10 resolutions when painting your child’s room!

1)  I will create a space for my child that sparks the imagination.

2)  I will not be limited by artistic insecurities.

3)  I will get outside my box and do something I’d never dreamt of doing (such as painting my own kids wall mural).

4)  I will not be afraid to be too colorful.

5)  I will not be afraid to paint or to get a little messy.

6)  I will approach the decorating from my child’s point of view and use his/her interests. If she likes Fairies, I will find fairy wall murals. If he loves trains, I will train look for unique train wall art. If he can think of nothing but dinosaurs, I will fill the walls with prehistoric creatures.

7)  I will think big.

8)  I will strive to find fun and funky wall art designs.

9)  I will let myself be inspired.

10)  I will have fun doing it!

Happy New Year and Happy Painting!

Wall Art for Older Kids: Get Them Involved! 2


ocean wall mural - wall stencilsWhen we think about kids' wall art, we usually envision baby-appropriate themes such as farm animals or fairies. But wall art is appropriate - and wonderful - for older kids too. In fact, some designs are great even for school-age kids. Great examples are our Fab Flower Theme and our Polka Dot theme.

There are many reasons you might want to decorate an older child's room. Maybe you've just moved to a new house, or perhaps he has moved to a room of his own. Or maybe it's simply time to redo the room now that she's not a baby anymore.

Whatever the reason, decorating an older child's room, whether she's in preschool or elementary school, is a very different experience than decorating a baby or a toddler room. The main difference: Your child is now old enough to care! And you should respect that.

"Respect" doesn't mean of course that your child can make this decision all by herself. After all, this is your house, your budget and you are the one who will have to do the actual painting (although your child can certainly help!)

But it IS important to listen to your child and respect his wishes as much as you can. Sit down together, search the Web for wall mural stencils, and try to find something that you both like. If he has a strong preference when it comes to the design or to the color, do your best to accommodate his wishes. After all, it IS his room (even if the room is in your house).

When the stencils arrive, if your child is old enough, let her help! She would love to, and helping you paint her room, being part of the process, will not just be exciting for her, but will also give her an amazing sense of accomplishment and, when the room is ready, will make her so very proud of her beautiful room.