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Meet the Artist Behind Our Ballerina Fantasy Art Decals - Karina Llergo Salto 2

Karina Llergo Salto Art

Award winning painter Karina Llergo Salto embodies the spirt of a dancer in her surreal, abstract work. Her paintings flow from her heart and are influenced by dance, air and water. This wife, mother, triathlete, former competitive swimmer and graphic artist has won multiple awards, been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries and in such publications as Life & Arts and Journal of Art. My Wonderful Walls was lucky enough to be able to license some of her paintings and turn them into high quality fabric wall decals. Her expressive dance art makes a unique addition to our wall sticker collection and has been very well received. We wanted to learn more about this Mexican born artist and invite you to as well. 

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Karina Llergo Salto: I was born and raised in Mexico City.

MWW: Where do you live now?
KLS: Northbrook, IL

MWW: Were you always interested in art? How did you begin? When did you begin?
KLS: I was always interested in creativity, drawing and painting. I was self-taught growing up since I didn’t have anyone around me that was interested in it, but I always rose above my peers in art classes at school wining several art contests.

MWW: When did your art turn professional?
KLS: After earning a Bachelors in Graphic Design, from Anahuac del Sur University, Mexico City, studying a post degree in Multimedia, and later on, in Animation, I worked in the launch of todays’ best Newspaper in Mexico City, Reforma, as Art Director, receiving The international Award of Excellence, Best Portfolio and Silver award from The Society of Newspaper Design. In the earlier 2000s, after working at the advertising agency McCann-Erickson as Art Director for Coca-Cola, Revlon and Kimberly Clark, I began freelancing my own design and graphic company while also making art. In 2005, I started to do art exhibitions after finishing a post degree in abstract art and taking art classes with renowned Mexican artist Roberto Cortazar and portraitist Enrique Estrada.

I moved to Chicago, IL in 2007 and decided to fulfill my creative impulse - painting. I have translated my knowledge of manipulating images into my art, daring to deconstruct the human bodies to represent a force in movement. I know a piece is completed when I close my eyes and feel its rhythm of dance, water and air singing in harmony.

PassionMWW: What inspires your art?
KLS: In my work I’m influenced by three elements that raises my pulse, breath and heartbeat: Dance, which has been the rhythm of my life, Water, that’s in my nature being for 10 years a competitive swimmer, and Air, that has made me venture into skydiving for the freedom that provoke in my being.

MWW: What medium do you prefer? Has it changed at all over the years?
KLS: I started painting with oils, which I love, because of the richness and depth. But in recent years I became more conscious in my practice of not using toxic materials. Now I paint mainly with acrylics, experimenting with all its different mediums and sometimes adding oils into the final touches.

MWW: What is your favorite thing/subject matter to paint?
KLS: I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of expression of the human body. The human figure has always been in my art, it always challenges my skills with its complexity and ending study.

MWW: Can you describe your creative environment?
KLS: I have two different spaces where I work: one which I call my “hard-core work area” where all the mess takes place, dripping, splashing and all my creative impulse from my gut appears. Here I try not to think but feel. Another, my “Studio”, is where I work in a more organized and conscious way and where the details of the artwork take form. I jump from one to the other randomly as my creative process dictates. I work with 3 or 4 pieces at a time so I don’t get stuck in one. I also feel that music is fundamental to get inspired. Classical crossover music is my own favorite to work to.

MWW: Best time of day for you to create?
KLS: My mind is always working in the creative process and I need to concentrate on switching it to do my daily chores. It somehow helps to follow a time schedule but I always feel that creativity is something that you can’t set a time for. It’s always buzzing around and rolling.

MWW: What is your favorite My Wonderful Walls sticker you have been involved with creating?
KLS: All my “Flying High” collection, which includes the dancers or women that seem flying, floating or underwater. It involves quick thinking and action. Each artwork is its own experiment in flow, balance and rhythm. Dancing Woman Decal

MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?
KLS: I do this for a living.

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
KLS: I love spending time with my husband and four kids and traveling with them. I like doing exercise. I do triathlons and marathons and love the peace that comes with doing yoga. I enjoy going to theater plays, dance shows, and reading books.

MWW: Is anyone else in your family an artist? Children? If so, do they also enjoy art?
KLS: My two twin girls like art and are frequently chosen to participate in art exhibits from school. They are always observing what I’m working on and are my best critics.

MWW: In a few adjectives how would you describe yourself?
KLS: I’m a strong, caring, thoughtful, happy person in harmony with my being.

MWW: Your art?
KLS: Paintings of human bodies in motion freely interacting with their energy and natural forces.

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece of artwork you’ve created?
KLS: “Surrender” because it’s an artwork that express rendition to love and giving the control to your heart. The figure appears to be suspended in space weightless and dripping as she melts so that the feeling itself is what it will be the only thing left.

Surrender by Karina Llergo Salto

If you are a fan of colorful, abstract dance art you’ll want to check out the entire Karina Llergo Salto Collection of wall decals at My Wonderful Walls. Choose from designs such as Passion , a striking red, yellow and beige Flamenco dancer wall decal or the lively ballerina fantasy art decal in Devotion.  Our fabric wall decals are made with a high-quality polyester fabric material that is mess-free, removable, repositionable and eco-friendly and won’t mar your walls. Wall decals are a great way to display beautiful art when you can’t put nails in the wall or need something less permanent.

For more Karina Llergo Salto artwork, she invites you to visit her on her artist website, like her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram. Thank you Karina for letting us get to know a little bit more about you and your work!

Meet the Artist Behind the Blenda Tyvoll Wall Decal Collection - Natural Treescape Art 0

Blenda TyvollMy Wonderful Walls owners, Michael and Stephanie Goins were ecstatic to find the artwork of Blenda Tyvoll and even happier still when she agreed to license some of her work to be sold as wall decals. Her treescapes and nature scenes are simple yet elegant and are a perfect fit for the My Wonderful Walls family. Blenda’s love of nature and color shines through her art and each piece conveys deep emotion. Her art has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens Country Gardens Magazine, the Spring 2015 Catalog and several exhibits. Blenda is also a participant in the Beavercreek Open Studio Tour in June and October if you are local to Portland, OR, visit her studio in person.

Red Bird Wall ArtWe are proud to present the Blenda Tyvoll Wall Decal Collection now available at Choose from such vibrant works as Red Birds, a rustic tree and lovebird art decal straight from an autumn evening or Radiant Orchid Flower Tree in hues of purple and white where butterflies dance through the orchids in a summery scene. These high quality fabric decals are great for any nature lover, bird watcher or simply those who want beautiful art at affordable prices that won’t destroy their walls! All of the stickers in this collection are available in four different sizes so you may use them in any space or on virtually any surface you choose. Not sure our fabric wall stickers will stick to your walls? Ask us for a free sample of our eco-friendly sticker material and find out!

Now that we’ve shown you a little of Blenda’s work, it’s time to get to know the artist better. Enjoy this Q&A and make sure to comment below.

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Blenda Tyvoll: I was born in Albany, Oregon, a small town near Eugene, Oregon.

MWW: Where do you currently live now?
BT: My husband, Joe and I live on a small Christmas tree farm and grow cut flowers in our backyard, in the rural countryside near Portland. Understandably, I am surrounded by artistic inspiration right outside my studio.

MWW: Were you always interested in art?
BT: Yes, as a kid I was always on the floor with a box of crayons and my coloring book or designing and cutting out paper dolls and outfits.

MWW: When did it turn professional?
BT: I started selling my artwork online in 2005 on my website and art auctions. Listing art online helped me get into the habit of creating new work on a regular basis.

MWW: Did you go to school to study art?
BT: Yes, I have a BA in art and interior design from Marylhurst University.

MWW: What inspires your art?
BT: Inspiration is everywhere. Here are a few of my favorite ways to feel inspired: Being in nature under tall fir trees in the moss and fern covered forest. To stop what I’m doing to listen to birds singing outside my window. To wake up early before it’s light to watch the sunrise over the mountain. To peer into the center of a flower at little details hidden in the petals. Having a quiet mind and enjoying the world around me is what gets me into the mood for creating art.

MWW: What medium do you prefer?
BT: For many years I only painted in watercolor, but currently I’m working with acrylic paint which is so versatile and easy to use. Adding collage elements into my work is another interesting way to create variety in texture and design. Actually, any medium that helps to convey my feeling about a certain subject is the one I prefer.

MWW: Has it changed at all over the years?
BT: Yes, over the years I’ve learned to create more intuitively and from my heart than I used to. I try to convey a feeling rather than try to paint a subject accurately and realistic.

Orchid Tree Wall Decal

MWW: What is your favorite thing/subject matter to paint?
BT: I feel the happiest when I’m painting flowers, trees, birds and organic colorful abstracts.

MWW: Best time of day for you to create?
BT: I am the most creative first thing in the morning before noon.

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
BT: Walking with my dog, Georgie, hiking, knitting, crocheting, gardening, and watching movies with my husband.

MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?
BT: Yes, I am a full time artist and there is never enough time in one day. I love what I do!

MWW: In a few adjectives how would you describe yourself?
BT: loving, committed, quiet, thankful, friendly, inspired

MWW: Your art?
BT: Cheerful, uplifting, happy, creative

MWW: Where can people see more of your designs?
BT: You can see more of my art on my website:

MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls initially?
BT: Stephanie contacted me about licensing my work with My Wonderful Walls. I immediately liked her friendly, professional personality and the beautiful, easy to shop website. I think my art is a perfect fit.

We agree 100%! Thanks Blenda for allowing us to get to know you a little better. If you are a fan of nature inspired art, flowers, trees and birds, you’ll want to check out the entire Blenda Tyvoll Wall Sticker Collection. If you’ve already purchased one of these decals, let us know which one in the comments below!

Spring Tree Wall Sticker
Blog post written by Tara

Abstract Nature Watercolor Wall Decals- Meet the Artist, Sylvie Demers 9

Sylvie DemersSylvie Demers says her mother told her she was born with coloring crayons in hand. Seeing the passion in her art, we’d believe it! This Canadian artist takes her love of nature and the emotions that her surroundings elicit and opens her heart up to the canvas. We have been very lucky to add her to our list of featured artists and turn some of her inspiring watercolors into fabulous wall decals. Sylvie has an inner optimism that shines through her work and not only paints and illustrates with passion but has a true desire to help people in her career as a psycho-educator with stroke and TBI patients in a rehabilitation institute.

For those loving colorful abstract watercolors, check out Aura 3, an abstract wall decal of two lovers in hues of green, blue, orange and yellow. Nature art fans will appreciate the beautiful Dream Time, a bird and floral wall decal in shades of pink, red, green, yellow and blue. These are just a few of Sylvie’s abstract paintings we’ve turned into high-quality wall stickers. Read on to learn more about Sylvie and be sure to visit her featured artist page to view more of her stunning art as fabric wall decals.

Aura 3

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Sylvie Demers: I was born in a small town, Amos, in northern Quebec. My parents and I moved when I was 18 months to an even smaller village, Radisson, in the James Bay area. Over there, nature is our best companion!

MWW: Where do you live now?
SD: I live in Saint-Eustache, which is located on the north shore of Montréal, where I currently work. My town value its historical buildings a lot. Walking in the Old Saint-Eustache gives you a taste of what life was a couple centuries ago.

The city was founded in 1770 and incorporated in 1835. A significant battle of the Lower Canada Rebellion was fought here on December 14, 1837; the rebels were defeated and the town was burnt. The Battle was to be known as The Battle of Saint-Eustache.

MWW: Were you always interested in art? How/when did you begin? Did you go to school for art?
SD: My mom always says that I was born with coloring crayons in my hand. At a very young age, I wanted to be a designer.  I did a general formation in Arts et Lettres in college but pursued a psycho-education degree at Université de Montréal. I think I wasn`t ready to let creativity flow. I was blocked. For many years after that, I didn’t touch a brush. In 2009, I joined the community of and then, this passion that was still happily there, just exploded! Soon after, I won a pattern design contest organized by COLOURlovers and Gelaskins. From that moment, my brain was filled with colors and forms and it still is!

MWW: What inspires you?
SD: I would say emotions. I try to let emotions flow when I play with colors in my studio. I appreciate this peaceful state that comes with creation. I love nature and I love birds for what they represent…freedom!

MWW: What medium(s) do you prefer?
SD: I try to work with and learn about many mediums! Right now I mostly use ink and watercolor when I create because they dry fast and give depth to my work.

MWW: What is your favorite subject matter to paint/illustrate?
SD: Birds and flowers

MWW: Can you describe your creative environment?Sylvie Demers Studio
SD: I have a little studio in my house. In summer, I like to paint outside too! Less paint to clean on the floor!! 

MWW: Best time of day for you to create?
SD: I create mostly in the morning since I have to go to work at 1pm. Natural light is flowing in my studio. It’s inspiring! I try to follow a routine so I can have time to create every day. After breakfast, when my husband leaves for work, I read inspirational books, write and meditate and for an hour. After that I’m ready to let intuition and creativity take over…

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
SD: I work as a psycho-educator with stroke and TBI patients in a rehabilitation center. I love to be in contact with other human beings and help them to find balance in their life after this life changing experience.

Travelling is also a big passion of mine. I will be visiting Provence this summer and I can’t wait to see the colors and beauty of this part of the world!

MWW: In a few words, how would you describe yourself? Your art?
SD: I’m a child of 42 years old, and young at heart! I love to be amazed by life, by others, by nature. I want to play with colors. I want to be as joyous and peaceful as possible. I have faith that for all my life, I have been guided to this day. Today is everything that I have and I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

My art is part of me. My search for peace, joy and freedom is obvious I think through my paintings. The best comments I receive are when people look at my art and say that it makes them feel happy.

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece of work?
SD: I really like “Liberté”. This painting has been in my living room for 2 years. I wasn’t able to let it go. It was the first large painting that I did. The colors and tones are just perfect to me. It was the first time for splashes and drip. It gave me the chance to experiment freedom in movement while I was painting. It opened a new door in my creativity!

Bird and Flower Art Wall Decal

MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls?
SD: Stephanie, the co-owner, saw my work on She didn’t have to put too much effort to convince me to start this new adventure! The products they offer are so unique that it was a definite for me that I wanted to be a part of this!

Thanks Sylvie! We feel very blessed to have you among our wonderful featured artists. If you’d like to see more of Sylvie’s work, please visit her page for her original paintings or for her work on cell phone covers, pillows, etc. You can also follow Sylvie on Facebook to keep abreast of any new projects and a behind the scenes look at her beautiful world!


Blog post written by Tara

Meet the Artist Behind Our Abstract Landscape Art Wall Decals -- Mandy Budan 0

Mandy Budan ArtistArtist turned graphic designer turned back to artist, Mandy Budan is a wonderful addition to our My Wonderful Walls collection of featured artists. She draws from the natural beauty of the Canadian landscapes around her to paint and sketch gorgeous abstract art. We have been lucky enough to turn some of her paintings into high quality wall decals. This is great news for those who can’t hang permanent art or put nails in to their walls but want to add some color and light to their home or place of business. Choose from great wall stickers like the powerful Kaleidoscope, showing a summer forest in hues of green, blue, yellow, red and purple or Summer in the Garden, a giant sunflower wall decal with golden tones, perfect for bringing sunshine into your home. There is something for everyone and every season in this amazing collection of abstract nature art decals. Now that you’ve seen her work, get to know Mandy with this Q&A:

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Mandy Budan: Toronto, Canada

MWW: Where do you currently live now?
MB: Pickering, just east of Toronto

MWW: Were you always interested in art? How and when did you begin?
MB: I was always interested in art. I went to an art-centric high school and then switched to graphic design at college. I juggled both graphic design and fine art until just recently, and I am now painting full-time!

MWW: When did it turn professional?
MB: I started selling online in 2005, prints and small originals and it has just kept growing from there.

MWW: Did you go to school to study art/graphic art?
MB: In high school I studied painting, figure drawing, art history, photography illustration and typography. I took graphic design in college so there was less emphasis on fine art and more on advertising and marketing.

MWW: In a few adjectives, how would you describe yourself? Your art?
MB: Myself: contemplative, happy, optimistic. My art: precise, rhythmic, and colorful.

MWW: What inspires your art?
MB: I find the landscape around my very inspirational. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful area with walking trails, lakes and woodlands all around me.

MWW: What medium(s) do you prefer?
MB: I prefer acrylic on wood (canvas is too bouncy for me) and I like to sketch digitally.

MWW: What are your favorite things to paint?
MB: I like to paint pretty much anything that's not man-made; I look for dramatic shapes and lighting in trees, flowers and other landscape elements.

Forest Trees Wall DecalMWW: What is your favorite My Wonderful Walls wall sticker you have been involved with creating?
MB: I like the idea of Kaleidoscope being a My Wonderful Walls sticker - it's very narrow shape will make it stand out nicely. 

MWW: Tell us about your artistic environment.
MB: I have a small space in our basement office with easel, computer and many, many wood panels and tubes of paint. I have to be careful as my supplies seem to grow magically when I'm not looking and I'm worried about running out of room!

MWW: What is the best time for you to create?
MB: I tend to set up regular business hours for painting - and use evenings and weekends for the more administrative stuff. I love this job and can't wait to go to work every day.

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
MB: I love geocaching, which I like to combine with getting photo references for new paintings. I used to own a science fiction and fantasy bookstore and I still love to read.

MWW: Is anyone else in your family an artist?
MB: My mother was a costume designer for Canadian television for many years, my sister creates one-of-a-kind art dolls and in my immediate family my daughter writes.

MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?
MB: I recently left the web design industry to concentrate solely on painting. I'm not quite able to live of my art but that is a future that I'm working toward.

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece of work you’ve done? If so, what?Buddha Tree Wall Decal
MB: My favorite piece always seems to be the one I'm working on. I'm always hopeful that this time I'll get it right, this time the colours and shapes and the line between realism and abstraction will be exactly the way it's supposed to be.

MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls?
MB: I was 'discovered' on Fine Art America and I was delighted to be asked to join.

MWW: Where can people see more of your work?
MB: I have a portfolio site at and a blog where I try to show works in progress.

If you love vibrant abstract landscapes and nature inspired art, please check out the Mandy Budan Collection at My Wonderful Walls. All of the wall decals in this collection are made of our unique fabric material which is repositionable, removable, and reusable. Our wall stickers boast a natural/organic look as if each were made from beautiful handmade paper.

For more from Mandy, check her out on Facebook for a behind the scenes look at her inspiration and work!


Blog post written by Tara

New Animal Art by Andreas Preis – Meet the Artist! 4


If you love bold, intricate animal art we think you’ll love our Andreas Preis collection of wall decals. The work of this Bavarian artist is anything but tame. My Wonderful Walls has brought his nature inspired illustrations to our site in the form of wall stickers so everyone can enjoy his art whether they rent or own. Check out the Andreas Preis Collection for inspirational animal art you can adhere to your windows, walls, doors, mirrors and more.

Artist Andreas PreisAndreas Preis was born in the Bavarian Forest in the south of Germany and now lives and works in Berlin. He has always had a love of drawing, painting and creating and studied Communications Design in Nuremberg, graduating with a diploma in 2009. Working towards his five year old self’s dream of being a “painter without a boss”, he is now a freelance illustrator and designer. The artist uses a technique called cross hatching to create the details seen in his illustrations. Almost everything is drawn by hand in his illustrations though he still relies on technology for some of it. His work includes not only illustrations on paper but logos, longboard designs and 3D projects like the Butterfly Effect.

Some of our favorite decals in the Andreas Preis collection are part of his “LIFE” series where he has paired animals with simple instructions like, “Learn, Hope or Love”. According to an interview, Mr. Preis did with Digital Arts Online, there is an idea behind every animal. Some of the connections between the text and animal were literal and others were more symbolic.  The use of texture, color and symmetry in each of these pieces makes them dynamic and appealing.

There are also cutout animal decals in this collection like Fox, a sly fellow in orange, rust, green and white. Or bird lovers might want to check out Blue Owl, a serene owl sticker in blue, tan, black and grey. Just like all My Wonderful Walls decals, the Andreas Preis collection is made with SafeCling, a high-quality polyester fabric material that is mess-free, removable, re-positionable and eco-friendly. Our wall stickers look painted on because there are no white edges and come in a variety of sizes perfect for any space. Made in the USA with loving care, it is our pleasure to help you find the perfect wall decal or wall stencil for any space in your home, office or business.

Animal lovers and art lovers will adore the new Andreas Preis Collection from My Wonderful Walls. You can find more Andreas Preis art on his website or Behance page. Or for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his art, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

Fine Art Photography Wall Decals from Ingrid Beddoes - Meet the Artist! 0

Ingrid Beddoes Fine Art Photography

We are happy to bring you a new collection of fine art photography decals from Ingrid Beddoes. Ingrid calls herself a dreamer with a camera whose inspiration comes from nature and the simple things in life. If you love animals and nature we think you’ll find something to love in this collection too! There are also a few wall decals with inspirational quotes to warm the walls in any home or work space.

Our wall stickers are made of SafeCling fabric, not vinyl! Our stickers have no white edges so they look painted on, won't tear and you can apply and re-position them with ease. They look great not only on walls but windows, doors, furniture and mirrors. We pride ourselves on a made in USA product with A+ customer service. Add the beauty of the Ingrid Beddoes collection and you have a winning combination! Choose from designs like Ingrid’s favorite, Porto, a muted pink urban landscape decal or Moments, a cat and dandelion wall decal in sepia tones.  Needing a little inspiration in your life? Try The Power of Words, a motivating text wall decal in black and white. 

Now that you’ve seen some of gorgeous fine art decals from photographer Ingrid Beddoes, it’s time to get to know a little more about her.

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Ingrid Beddoes: Blantyre, Malawi

MWW: Where do you currently live now?
IB: Portugal

MWW: Were you always interested in photography?
IB: Yes, I've always loved looking at photography, black and white in particular.

MWW: How did you begin/when did you begin?
IB: In 2007, I was given my first digital camera for Christmas, and from that day on I never put it down!

MWW: When did it turn professional?
IB: I probably started around 2008/9

MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?
IB: I am slowly starting to live off my art. Every year it gets better and easier which is wonderful as that would be a dream come true.

MWW: Did you go to school to study art/graphic art/photography?
IB: No. I’m self-taught and still learning.

MWW: What inspires your work?
IB: I think I am mostly inspired by nature and light, I also love silhouette shots of they always tell a story.

MWW: What is your favorite My Wonderful Walls sticker or stencil you have been involved with creating?
IB: It is hard to choose just one, as I put a little bit of me into each piece but maybe the double exposure pink textured one of Porto...that one took a few days to create.

MWW: Best time of day for you to create?
IB: I love mornings for everything, so I would have to say mornings but nowadays it's usually only when I can find the time.

MWW: Where do you do most of your work?
IB: My stills are usually taken on my kitchen window sill; I even painted it white to reflect the light better!

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
IB: Walking my labrador and spending time with my family.

MWW: Where can people see more of your designs?
IB: Etsy, Society6, Redbubble, Displate, Kess Inhouse, Juniqe and a few more.

MWW: In a few adjectives how would you describe yourself? Your art?
IB: Sensitive, warm and soulful... everything I do I do with love.

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece of work you have done? If so, what?
IB: Maybe one of my first, “The Long Walk Home”.

MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls initially?
IB: Stephanie contacted me through my Facebook page; I think her husband (Michael) had found me on Society6.

We are very proud to be able to offer our customers these Ingrid Beddoes Fine Art Photography Wall Decals! If you beautiful animal, nature and inspirational art shop the Ingrid Beddoes Collection at My Wonderful Walls today.