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New Owl Wall Stickers Perfect for Girls Young and Old 0

Owl Wall StickersShe’s ready to get rid of the pastel pink and yellow and redecorate with a more grown-up look.  You’re thinking, what can I do to cater to her newfound sense of adventure and imagination? We have the perfect solution – our Night Owl Wall Sticker Kit, which features a chic design of nighttime creatures that’s not for a ‘baby’ but not specifically for a grown-up either – something the two of you can really agree on.

The Night Owl Wall Sticker Kit was designed with the thought ‘stained-glass meets wall sticker,’ to give her a more ‘big girl’ feeling as she plays and grows in her own special space.  With the trendy yet classically put together shades of pink, Tiffany blue, sage green and chocolate brown, her room will be relaxing, yet a space she can still be able to use her imagination and dream up fun animal adventures each day. 

Cat Wall StickerThis amazing Night Owl Wall Sticker Kit offers her an outdoor-garden type scene where she can host a tea party surrounded by whimsical owls, large flowering trees, a crescent moon, chirping crickets, a curious cat, blooming flowers, clouds of many colors, and much, much more. 

For your benefit, all of our wall stickers, including this set, are made from a unique SafeCling™ fabric material that although it is adhesive, can be easily moved time and time again to fit your needs without leaving a sticky residue behind.  SafeCling™ fabric cannot be torn or stretched as you move it around to change the design of the room, and can be layered to create beautiful scenery to adjust to your child’s ever-changing imagination.

Our Night Owl Wall Sticker Kit, which can be placed on your walls in minutes, includes 20 large owl themed stickers including, 5 owl wall decals, a 4-foot flowering tree wall sticker, a cricket wall sticker, a cat wall decal, 6 flower wall decals, 3 cloud wall stickers, a crescent moon wall decal, a dragonfly wall sticker and a mouse wall decal.  With so many small and easy-to-handle pieces, you can confidently let your little one help you place them on the walls, which is sure to be a fun time for you both.

Owl Wall StickerTogether, these owl wall stickers can be combined to create an amazing nighttime garden mural on one wall, or you can split them up and display them on four separate walls to decorate an entire room.  Although designed for the girl in between toddler and teen, the Night Owl Wall Sticker Kit can certainly be used for a girl’s room of any age. 

This design also looks great in a bathroom, doctor’s office, playroom, preschool, classroom, or any room where children go to grow and develop their imaginations, play pretend, or just to relax, read, and be creative.  With fun colors and scenes, this set is sure to delight and inspire your little princess for a long time, even as she transitions in and out of all of the wonderful learning stages yet to come.

Ocean Theme Wall Stickers Now Available! 0

Ocean Theme Wall Sticker Kit

We here at My Wonderful Walls are very excited to announce our brand new Under the Sea Wall Sticker Kit! The sky or shall we say, the sea, is the limit for your decorating desires with this unique and charming set of 62 oceanic, whimsical wall stickers. Children and adults alike will be delighted by the seemingly endless ocean creatures that come in the set like a pair of whales, a squid, a swordfish, a shark, a stingray, a pair of dolphins, a sea turtle, an octopus, and so much more!

For $152 USD you will have an amazingly vast array of characters and seascapes ranging from a school of dainty fish, a beautiful scene of wiggly seaweed, to a darling mermaid and merman. Our kit has free shipping in the U.S. and can be shipped internationally as well.

This high-quality sticker kit is made from a state of the art SafeClingTM fabric, making it exceptionally durable- perfect for a playroom, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, classroom, and anywhere else your imagination can take you. These ocean theme wall stickers are eye-catching and vibrant with a glittery sheen and have a handmade look that is smooth, simple to clean, and effortless to maintain. You don’t have to worry about that telltale white edge that most stickers have too- our kit looks just like a hand-painted mural of exquisite detail.

Using our sticker kit couldn’t be easier- all you have to do is peel it off and stick. In only a few minutes you can have a beautiful and adorable mural on your wall that can enliven any room, hall, or even ceiling! They will adhere to your walls with ease and won’t tear or lose their shape. Plus, our ocean theme wall stickers leave no residue behind so you can remove, reuse, and layer to your hearts content. Our Under the Sea Kit works wonderfully as a theme for both boys and girls- encouraging imagination and creating a bright, special atmosphere for learning, play, and discovery.

Personalized Kids Room BannerFor only $25 extra, you have also have a fabulous, personalized sign towed by a large, cheerful dolphin to go alongside with your ocean-themed room. Our sign is perfect as the finishing touch in a child’s room and is certain to make any young one proud.

Our wall stickers are just the thing for a rented home where painting the walls isn’t allowed or anywhere that isn’t a permanent home. You can be sure your room will be customized without the excess cost and time of paint and can be used again in the future wherever your home may be. People who love to change their décor often will love our kit as well and have complete freedom to modify their mural anytime!

This fun new sea wall sticker kit will surely make anyone smile with its delightful variety of lovable marine life and fine quality, user-friendly design. Creating a unique kid's underwater mural has never been easier and more fun! We know you’ll be delighted!

What's the Big Deal about Wall Stickers? 3


The big buzz this week is that we’ve added wall stickers to our line of products. Up until now, we’ve resisted the wall decal craze and have stuck loyally to our tried and true wall stencils. And for good reason. For me personally, there is just something so rewarding about painting my own wall mural.  And the flexibility wall stencils allow is a big plus. Also, the largeness of our mural stencils is irreplaceable— just walk into a room that has been stenciled with one of our wall mural stencil kits and---BAM! It will knock your socks off. That said, now that we have stepped into wall stencil territory, I must admit that I am falling in love with wall stickers…

Wall Stickers, Wall Stickers (by My Wonderful Walls, of course), how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1.  Wall stickers are so darn easy. Just peel and stick.

2.  Wall decals give you an instant makeover. You can create an entire kids mural in minutes.

3.  Our wall stickers are made from SafeCling™, a fantastic and innovative fabric adhesive material that won’t tear, stretch or shrink, is easy-to-clean and easy-to-apply, won’t crumple and doesn’t leave residue on the walls.

4.  Our walls stickers are simply beautiful. Look closely and you’ll see that they appear as if they were made from handmade paper, giving them and organic and natural appeal.

5.  Our walls stickers are repositionable. You can test layouts and change it up whenever you like.

6.  Our wall stickers are removable. This is great if you like to decorate often and perfect for kids with ever-changing tastes.

7.  Our wall stickers are reusable. They can move with you when you change houses and rooms.

8.  Our wall stickers can be layered, allowing you to create depth and a wide variety of designs.

9.  Our wall sticker kits wont’ break the bank.

10.   Wall Stickers allow you to indulge your immediate gratification needs… because it’s so hard to wait.

There you have it, 10 reasons why I love wall stickers/decals by My Wonderful Walls. Yes, of course, I still love stenciling, but there is room in my life for another love… just don’t tell my husband :)!