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Disney Lovers & Parents-To-Be Create Gorgeous Princess Wall Mural for Baby Girl 0

pregnant baby roomFor many parents of little girls, Disney Princesses are an automatic room decoration idea – it’s easy, it’s simple, and what little girl does not spend time dreaming of being a princess? However, one couple living in the backyard of Disney – Orlando, Florida – wanted something a bit more special for their little princess.

As they themselves are Disney lovers, Tammy and Carter go almost every weekend to the theme park and Tammy is a travel agent for families wishing to make the magical trip. But when it came to their daughter’s room, they had another idea. After moving from Pennsylvania to Florida, away from family and friends, and waiting a long time trying to have their precious little miracle, when they found out they were having a little girl, they wanted her princess room to be special and unique.

Carter spent some time researching princess wall art and wall decals online and came across My Wonderful Walls, where he found the Perfectly Princess Wall Sticker Kit. He knew Tammy would love it. After finding a coupon on Facebook, they purchased the sticker kit and began painting the walls to match the stickers.

After allowing the walls to completely dry for two weeks, Tammy said it only took them about an hour to place the stickers exactly where they wanted them – even after moving them around a few times.

Tammy mentioned that neither she nor Carter are artistically inclined, so that was one reason they chose the stickers instead of the stencils, plus the option of being able to move them around to get the design they wanted was very appealing as well. She also recommended that others consider keeping walls a solid paint color for a more natural look, just as they did with their daughter’s room.

Tammy and Carter chose from a variety of different furniture pieces to accent the room and blend seamlessly with the sticker set. Tammy mentioned that even though she has yet to select bedding, is sure she will find something to match with the many color options she has to choose from, since the Perfectly Princess Wall Sticker Kit is so colorful.

Designing and decorating the room together with her mom who was able to come visit from Pennsylvania, and her husband was a wonderful experience for Tammy. She was thrilled that Carter found My Wonderful Walls, and we here definitely return the feeling. We are excited for their coming bundle of joy and wish them all the best.

They have all been waiting for their ‘little miracle’ for a very long time, and wanted to do something truly special for her; with the wall stickers from My Wonderful Walls, they were able to create a serene nursery for their little princess and enjoy the process as a family, and they cannot wait to share the room with their daughter in January, 2012!! Congratulations Tammy & Carter!!

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A Wall Garden Filled With Flowers, Thanks to My Wonderful Walls 0

Garden Themed Kids Room

Jennah and her husband Derrick have much to be thankful for this holiday season. With one daughter that just turned three and another that is almost ready to celebrate her first birthday, life is filled with excitement, imaginative play, and so much more. The couple recently began re-organizing their oldest daughter’s room so that it could accommodate a place for their younger daughter to sleep as well. In thinking about how to make this shared room a fun place for both girls to play, Jennah and Derrick decided that spicing up the walls was the way to go.

They chose to go with a wall sticker motif simply because it is reusable, easily removable, and very resilient. “We have kids that like to pull at things on the walls,” said Jennah, “as well as two puppies that chew everything in sight. We like that the material these wall stickers are made of is super resistant to tearing and also does not stick to itself much at all. This will allow the scenes we create with the stickers to last for a long time.”

As the couple will be moving in the near future, they were also excited about the fact that using the My Wonderful Walls stickers would allow them to take the mural with them when they leave. They settled on the Garden theme stickers because of the beautiful flower-filled tree that is part of the set, as well as the garden sign that they had customized with their daughters’ names. They also were excited about all of the additional stickers that they could eventually get to go along with the set, including a picket fence and more flowers and clouds.

When the sticker set arrived, their oldest daughter wanted to help so Derrick and Jennah let her assist with the placement of butterflies, bumblebees, and more. “She was so cute with them,” said Jennah. “Fortunately the stickers exceeded our expectations regarding durability and reusability; she probably re-stuck them all over the walls at least a dozen times or more.”

Cloud Wall StickersAfter placing the stickers on the walls, Jennah and Derrick decided to get another set. The result was a room filled with flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, and more – a veritable garden of imagination and dreams for their daughters to enjoy. They were able to set up different vignettes throughout the room, including a reading corner, a flower garden by the bed, and a sun and cloud-filled corner, all of which were met with delighted squeals of approval from the girls.

Jennah said, “We can't recommend these wall stickers enough! It took us literally an hour and it was done! The best part was that we were able to have our daughter involved in the process – had we used paint that would never have been the case. We have really textures walls, so I was a little nervous that the stickers would have trouble adhering to the walls, but it turned out great – even the stems of the flowers have stayed put; quite a feat, given how much the girls have handled them. This is something I would recommend for any family, without a doubt.”

Our NEW Pirate Wall Stickers will take you on an Unforgettable Pirate Adventure! 0

Pirate Themed Kids RoomFor everyone that has ever dreamed of the high seas, of Never Land, or of swash-buckling adventures, we have good news for you: your dreams are now a fantastic reality! We are so excited and proud to release the newest addition to our wall sticker family: Pirate Wall Stickers!

Many of our existing wall sticker sets are more whimsical and reminiscent of fairy tales than this pirate theme. We went for a steampunk-inspired style, which incorporates futuristic, Victorian-age elements. What does this look like? Parrots are robotic, the ships fly, and there is a steam powered submarine, just to name a few – it is, in essence, every imaginative and forward-thinking child’s dream come true.

With this pirate wall sticker kit, we also experimented with a new style for creating the stickers by using paper textures to digitally paint the stickers before production. There was a ton of detail in the original artwork, allowing the end result to be an absolutely breathtaking sticker set that looks as if you could touch it and feel the wind in the sails and the ripple of the waves against your fingertips.

From the design phase, the stickers moved to production, which we are proud to say still takes place in our family’s Tennessee warehouse. We are proud of the fact that our business is an All-American, family-run enterprise; we love being able to send our wall stickers and paint sets straight from our family to yours.

Pirate Boys RoomOur good friends have a pirate-loving son named Jack. They have wanted to fill his room with a pirate theme and they waited patiently for over a year for the first prototype of this set. When it came off of the line, we wasted no time in bringing it over and helping them paint his room and place the stickers on the walls. Jack loved it immediately because – as Michael says - it is like having your own pirate storybook on the walls.

Personalized Pirate Wall StickersThe pirate theme wall decal sticker kit features fun scenes such as palm trees, a treasure chest, three flying pirate vessels, three floating islands, a mermaid, and so much more. A personalized pirate sign can also be ordered to help make any room unique and truly a work of art for each child. The Flying Pirates Sticker Kit is truly perfect for any child who loves pirates, whether it is in a boy’s room, a girl’s room, a bathroom, a classroom, or countless other places where children go to relax, learn, grow, and dream.

 So what be ye waitin' fer? Gift ye wee one th' high-seven seas pirate adventure he's always dreamed 'o.


Flower Wall Stickers by My Wonderful Walls are Recognized by Hollins University 0

Goins Family

My Wonderful Walls started out in 2008 as the brainchild of Stephanie Goins’ husband, a graphic and product designer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The couple runs the business themselves to this day, and it is a definite testament to their hardworking spirits and their creativity. A graduate of Hollins University in 1995, Stephanie is very proud of her educational roots, and- as it turns out – the University is proud of her accomplishments as well, and has shown this by choosing her to be featured in the first issue of the Hollins University online magazine.

Backtracking almost fifteen years, you would find that Stephanie Goins was not always on the creative and entrepreneurial track that she now is taking. She left Hollins University with not one but two majors in hand: both a major in Spanish and a major in Economics. She traveled with the Peace Corps from 1996 to 1998, where she spent time in Guatemala working with the youth and local weavers to help promote entrepreneurship in their villages and towns. After that, she came back to the states and co-taught Spanish with her mother, who was undergoing chemotherapy treatments, at Phoenix Country Day School in Paradise Valley, AZ.

The following year, Stephanie branched out on her own teaching track, this time working with high school students at the same school. Later, while earning a Masters in Spanish Language and Culture at Arizona State University, Stephanie taught Spanish to college-level students – something she loved and looks back on with find remembrance to this day.

In 2004, Stephanie and her husband moved to Tennessee and started their family. When her husband came up with an idea to create huge full-room stencil kits, Stephanie was completely on board and did whatever she could to help her husband get the business off of the ground. It was something they were both passionate about and believed in, which made all of the hard work completely worth it.

Even though Stephanie worked as a freelance writer to help pay the bills for two years after the start of My Wonderful Walls, her heart was to be able to fully immerse herself into the company; in 2010, those passions came to fruition as She was able to step into her current full-time position, which involves such tasks as customer service, advertising, bookkeeping, social networking, office manager, and - of course - loving design critic.

When Stephanie heard that her alma mater was looking for people to feature in their new online magazine, she jumped at the chance to share her and her husband’s business with the world. It was not long before the University selected her as a finalist and featured her in their first issue that is dedicated to celebrating the innovations and achievements of their talented alumnae.

Splendid Garden Wall StickersAs her entry into the selection process, Stephanie submitted a sample of their wildly popular Garden Wall Sticker Kit – a beautiful, whimsical sticker kit full of gorgeous flower wall stickers, that brings color and life through custom-made flowers, butterflies, and more. For parents looking to transform a room into something perfect for their little prince or princess, the designs created by Stephanie’s husband for My Wonderful Walls are nothing short of magical.