Lotus Flower Art Print - Enlightenment by Cristina McAllister
Lotus Flower Art Print - Enlightenment by Cristina McAllister

Lotus Flower Art Print - Enlightenment by Cristina McAllister

$15.99 USD
  1. Product: wall decal reproduction of lotus flower in the sunlight graphic art print
  2. Sizes: S-11"w x 11"h; M-14.85"w x 14.85"h; L-39"w x 39"h
  3. Colors: blue, lilac, purple, gold, yellow, pink, light pink, white
  4. Style: graphic art, art nouveau, folk art, fine art
  5. Material: fabric sticker, non-toxic, re-positionable
  6. Installation: super easy, peel and stick decal
  7. Artist: Cristina McAllister

Full Description

Let the sunshine in! Influenced by symbolism, nature, and mythology, West Coast artist Cristina McAllister harmonizes symbolism, fantasy, and originality in this spiritual graphic art print decal, Enlightenment."My inspiration comes from many sources; symbolism, spiritual ideas, traditional cultural art, fantasy themes, mythology, and nature. Anything that fires my imagination!" This captivating fine art decor features a beautiful, pink lotus blossom as it rises up through a blue body of water carried by a winged heart. The Egyptian sun god, Aten, can be seen beaming down ankh symbols from above while stars and butterflies adorn the bluish purple night time sky. Symbolizing transformation, spiritual growth, and rebirth, this zen inspired folk art decor is perfect for any meditation instructor or avid yoga goer!

For more spiritual, mythological, sacred and symbolic art, check out the full Cristina McAllister collection. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Since she picked up her first crayon, self-taught artist Cristina McAllister found a passion for drawing at a very early age. Able to master her artistic talents by her teen years, Cristina has worked as a professional artist and illustrator throughout her life. Her gorgeous illustrations reflect her unique style and free spirit by using a combination of original, intricate designs and multicultural symbolic imagery from around the world. Each piece offers it's own certain vibe, yet all offer a sense of tranquility and beauty. Living life on the West Coast with her husband and crazy cat, she shares her natural talent with the world, hoping her images inspire creativity, unity, and the celebration of life.



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