“Our daughter's room is now the favorite room in the house! My friends are amazed when I tell them I did it myself!”

- Sandra G. of Hartford, Connecticut

“Thank you so much for helping me to create such a beautiful space! I was so thankful for the step-by-step video and all the tips and tricks, even including what colors to use. I LOOOOOVE how it turned out!”

-Kiran B. of Ontario, Canada


Decide if you want to PAINT or STICK.


Select a design that speaks to your child’s inner sparkle.


Enjoy years of imagination!

“The quality of the decals is superb! They were easy to put up and don’t fall off.”

“Our son LOVES his new big-boy room! Now, the only problem is that he doesn’t want to leave it!”

“We appreciated the resources available to us. The tutorial videos were a big help!”

The My Wonderful Walls Experience - Our OOHS & AAHS Guarantee

Here’s the deal. We expect you to have a wonderful experience with anything you purchase from us. We’ve poured years of effort into creating high-quality and imaginative products that are guaranteed to provoke OOHs and AAAHs. Here you will find guidance and resources that make wonderizing your child's room easy… and fun! There is no artistic skill required. Just follow the simple steps. We promise to be here for you to help you create a space that your kids will remember forever!

Encourage their imagination!

They grow up so fast. Sooner than you know it, they will be heading off to college and out of the house. But not yet. Right now, they are yours. Give them a room they will remember forever. Give them a space that engages the imagination, cultivates curiosity, and comforts the heart. Give them space to be a kid, where stories unfold, where the fanciful abounds, and where there are no limits. Just follow their creative lead. We make the rest easy. Simply choose if you want to paint with stencils or decorate with decals. Select a design and then transform their room to... a world of wonder!