If you live in an apartment, or somewhere you cannot paint on the walls, don’t worry! There is still a way that you can create awesome wall art in your child’s room using our stencils. This video shows you how to use our stencils on canvases. You can easily create a cool looking mural with our stencils by layering the elements or creating a scene on a canvas that you can just hang up on your walls. As always, artistic talent is not required. The outcome is still an amazing space that you created for your child.
Transcript: Canvas Painting with Stencils
Michael – Hi I’m Michael from MyWonderfulWalls.com. Lots of people are unable to paint their walls because they live in an apartment or military housing. If this is the case for you, then keep watching. I’m going to show you an affordable way around this problem using canvas. Even if you can paint your walls, you might want to use this method instead because of the unique style it brings to a bedroom or bathroom. Canvas comes in all different sizes, and is very affordable. If you’re going to be painting several pieces, then go ahead and by a quart of semi-gloss or gloss latex paint for your base coat. Just because it’s canvas, doesn’t mean you have to use acrylic or oil paints, and it doesn’t mean that you have to be an artist either. For this one, I am going to be using the frog stencil, the grass stencil, and the daffodil from our Garden theme. Just place the stencil like you would normally. Ours are self-adhesive, so they stay in place nicely. Now just paint them in. And there you have it, ready to hang. We painted this with only three stencils from a kit that comes with over thirty. You can make an infinite variety of paintings all working together as a theme. And the best part is anyone can do this. There is no artistic skill required. I hope this was helpful for apartment dwellers who felt restricted by what they could do, and I hope it has inspired all of you to fill your child’s space with fun and beautiful art painted by you. I’m Michael from MyWonderfulWalls.com, where we make it easy for your walls to be wonderful.