50% OFF IRREGULAR Cat and Dog City Park Wall Decal Sticker Kit - MINI SET

Product Description
$18.49 USD $36.99 USD
  • Create an instant cat and dog mural with this adorable wall decal set that includes all your favorite puppies and kitties and other city park elements!
  • You'll receive 37 cat and dog themed decals
  • Super easy to put up - just peel and stick
  • No mess, no fuss, no residue when removed, no damage to walls
  • Repositionable, reusable, layerable
  • Looks hand-painted on the wall - no white outline or harsh edges.
  • Made in the USA 


Full Description

*This set is in the Discount Bin because the is a faint stripe down the center of the print because a wheel was down on the printer when we printed it. It is hardly noticeable and can be yours for 50% off the regular price if you hurry. ALL SALES OF DISCOUNT BIN ITEMS ARE FINAL. 

Furry friends galore! Make a charming and colorful cat and dog themed wall mural in minutes with these fun animal decals! This peel & stick sticker set is ultra-easy to put up and is filled with a wide assortment of cat stickers, dog decals, park stickers and city scene decals. Our animal wall art is the perfect touch for kids’ rooms, pet spas, doggie day cares, pediatric offices, hospitals, classrooms, pet groomers, veterinary offices and more! These stickers are easily repositionable and removable with no fuss and no mess! They are perfect for animal and nature lovers and both boys and girls alike!

What’s included in this set? You’ll receive 37 decals including: 8 dog wall stickers (Basset Hound, Labrador, Dachshund, Great Dane, Terrier, Chihuahua, Poodle and playful puppy), 6 cat wall decals (Calico, Tabby, Siamese, and others), big tree wall sticker, small tree wall sticker, giant lamp post wall decal, dog dish wall sticker, rawhide chew toy wall decal, fish decal, stick decal, yarn ball wall decal, ball decal, Frisbee wall sticker, bird, 2 skyscraper building wall stickers, 2 apartment building wall decals, 2 cloud stickers, butterfly decal, and 5 flower decals

NOTE: The green backdrop hill sticker shown in the video is SOLD SEPARATELY. You can purchase it HERE.  

How big are the stickers? Here are a few measurements: large tree 11.5"w x 19.3"h, lamp post 4.4" w x 26.3"h, Great Dane 7.3"w x 13"h; Calico cat 5.5"w x 4.7"h: Chihuahua 3.6"w x 3.4"h; small tree 5"w x 7.2"h

How is this kit different than the larger and more expensive Paws Park Sticker Kit? This is a shrunken down version of the larger kit. It's roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the size. There are also some minor elements in the larger kit that are not in this mini kit, such as the flowers and kitty treats.  

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