Collage World Map Wall Decal - Louis Armstrong Told Us So by Bianca Green

Product Description
$41.99 USD
            • Product: patchwork collage world map art, wall sticker cut out of Louis Armstrong Told Us So by Bianca Green
            • Sizes: L-39.1"w x 19.8"h; XL-70.8"w x 35.8"h
            • Colors: blue, lilac, light blue, green, pink, red, orange, olive green, yellow, violet, purple, brown, peach, rose, gold, cream, white, black
            • Style: illustration, photo collage, mixed media
            • Material: fabric sticker, non-toxic, re-positionable
            • Installation: super easy, peel and stick decal
            • Artist: Bianca Green


            Full Description

            What a wonderful world! This unique world map collage cut out decal, Louis Armstrong Told Us So by artist Bianca Green offers a fun vibe with a bohemian flare. Intricate fractal designs colorfully cover an image of the world map while a specific pattern is selected for each country making this colorful cut out decal both fun and captivating. Louis Armstrong Told Us So is available in 2 sizes: L-39.1"w x 19.8"h; XL-70.8"w x 35.8"h. Perfect for walls, mirrors, doors, windows – easy installation guaranteed! Our wall decals will easily peel and stick to any flat surface, as they are made with SafeCling, a high-quality polyester fabric material that is mess-free, removable, repositionable and eco-friendly. This mixed media collage cut out decal will perk up the walls of your home, coffee house, classroom or bohemian business. Louis Armstrong makes a great gift for modern art lovers too!

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            ABOUT THE ARTIST: Known for her obsession with color, internationally-known artist Bianca Green expresses her passion for art through her vibrant illustrations and gorgeous mixed media designs. Born in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, this Brazilian-German-American artist spent her early years surrounded by a festive culture rich in music, theatre, and beauty. After finishing school in Germany, Bianca followed her passion for music working for a local German radio station. She later worked for MTV as well as other music TV formats before ultimately deciding to leave the music industry. It wasn't until she moved to Uruguay in 2010, that her passion for art began to unfold. Influenced by South American culture, Bianca incorporates the surroundings of everyday life into each of her unique and vibrant designs. “You get to see, smell, eat and hear so many new things whenever you are someplace else. A corner, wall, hairdo, a plate…anything and everything triggers a vision.” Currently residing in Berlin, Germany Bianca continues to create unique and inspiring masterpieces that reflect her colorful personality, adventurous spirit, and irrepressible zest for life.

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