Friendly Farm Wall Mural Stencil Kit

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$104.99 USD
  • 30 individual farm animal wall stencils 
  • coordinating paint kit SOLD SEPARATELY --> VIEW
    personalize the barn with a name stencil
  • paint your own farm themed wall mural in your baby nursery or kids room
  • no artistic skill required
  • self-adhesive feature makes stenciling a cinch  
  • fun and easy to do

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With a MOO MOO here and an OINK OINK there, Friendly Farm stencils can go everywhere! We are headed to the country with this delightful farm theme stencil set. Paint a full farm with a large barn and all the animal friends. Perfect for the baby nursery or young child’s room, this set was designed with your child’s imagination in mind. Each animal exudes personality, as if they were characters in a storybook. With this charming set, you are sure to create a friendly and fun environment for your child!

Note: Latex paint for background is not included in paint kit. For your convenience these are the colors used in the photo:

Sky: Spring Waterfall A54-3, Olympic, Lowe’s
Hills: Everglade Glen 6003-6A, Valspar, Lowe’s

Attention International Customers:  Please note that we do not ship paints outside the U.S. unless an additional shipping fee is assessed (which is typically an extra $25-$35). If interested, please contact us.

Creative decorating ideas for your baby nursery, boy's room or girl's room, using the "Friendly Farm" Stencil Kit:

Incorporate the furniture: Rather than perceiving the furniture as an obstacle to showcasing the wonderful walls you create, let the furniture work with you. With just a little planning you can easily use your furnishings in the baby nursery or child's bedroom to your advantage. Let the charming chicken and chicks peck for food on top of the dresser. Paint the leaping cat as if trying to catch a butterfly over bookshelves. Place the curious mouse so it appears as if he is trying to climb up the changing table. Paint a cheery row of sunflowers along the top of the crib or head of the bed. Buzz the bees around the light switch or lamp. There is no end to the possibilities!

Lift up and layer: You can raise the stencils up and off the floor and give depth to the scene by painting hills and fields in the distance before beginning to stencil. Use a roll brush to create a grassy field where the cows will soon graze. Paint some gentle rolling hills that will be home to a friendly group of small trees. This technique takes minimal effort and is sure to add the WOW factor to your nursery design or kid's bedroom design.

Add texture, embellish and impress: You can adorn the stencils with common materials found in any craft store. Affix circular mirrors to the centers of the sunflowers. Add glimmer to your painting by gluing brightly colored sequins to the wings of the butterflies or shimmering red apples on the trees. Googly eyes are sure to give all the farm animals a silly personality. Give texture to the sheep with some fuzzy felt. Add yarn to give the horse a soft and attractive mane. Glass rocks or mosaic materials could be used to create an impressive stone path. (Make sure that all embellishments are securely affixed to the wall and will not pose a choking hazard.)

Accessorize with household items: Decorating your nursery or child's bedroom doesn't have to put a strain on your wallet. Rummage around your house for items to accessorize the room. Here are a few simple and fun ideas for our farm theme kit:

  • Sew two bandanas together and stuff to make quick-and-easy throw pillows for the rocker.
  • Fill a wagon, wooden crate or wicker basket with toys or stuffed animals that compliment the farm theme.
  • Borrow the scarecrow from your "fall" box in the garage and stand it up in front of the cornfield.
  • Place a piggy bank on the dresser.
  • Relocate the ceramic rooster from the kitchen to the bedroom.
  • Hang a real birdhouse from the ceiling.
  • Tie bandanas around the necks of your child's stuffed animals.
  • Use a tin bucket as a wastebasket.
  • Don't forget the ceiling: Why stop with the walls? You can continue your dreamy, cloud-filled sky and paint on the ceiling. Also, our butterflies, bees and birds are not afraid of heights, so why should you be?

Paint on fabric: Use fabric paint to stencil our designs directly onto curtains, rugs, pillowcases, crib bumpers, comforters, lampshades, canvas storage boxes, rugs and more. Turn a plain white curtain into a fruitful cornfield. Fly a pair of playful crows around a lampshade. Paint wispy grass along the length of the crib bumper. Stencil our lovable pig onto a solid-colored pillowcase. There is no limit to what or where you can stencil when decorating your baby nursery or child's room with our designs!

Stencil on furniture and accessories: The furniture and accessories in the room can also provide extra surface area to display our designs. Use the stencils to give character to dressers, nightstands, wastebaskets, wall hooks, step-stools, coat racks, wooden crates, hat boxes, bookends, toy chests, etc. With a minimal amount of work, you can turn that nicked-up nightstand or plain metal bookend into a Friendly Farm showpiece!

Use brightly colored drawer pulls: You can add color and give a face-lift to your child's dresser easily and affordably with colorful drawer pulls. Purchase some basic wooden drawer pulls from your hardware store and paint them with coordinating colors. It's that simple!

Stencils Included
barn wall stencil (37”w x 47.5”h) tractor wall stencil (21”w x 13”h) fencing wall stencil (8.5”w x 40.5”h) hen and chicks wall stencil (17”w x 9”h) cow wall stencil - large ( 17”w x 17”h) cow wall stencil – small (4.5”w x7.5”h) pig wall stencil wall stencil (10”w x 13”h) bee wall stencil wall stencil(4”w x 3”h) horse wall stencil (13”w x 23.5”h) cat wall stencil (11.7”w x 9”h) goose wall stencil (9.5”w x 15”h) mouse wall stencil (4.5”wx 5”h) sheep wall stencil (13”w x 10.5”h) crow wall stencil (6.5”w x 5.5”h) rooster wall stencil (11”w x 13”h) butterfly wall stencil (4.5”w x 4 “h) sun wall stencil (11”w x 11” h) cloud – large wall stencil (14”w x 6”h) cloud – small wall stencil (8.5”w x 4”h) grass blades wall stencil (11”w x 7”h) vine wall stencil (2.5”w x 4”h) leaf wall stencil (1”w x 2.5”h) daisy wall stencil (3.5”w x 3.5”h) flower wall stencil 1 (3”w x 3”h) flower wall stencil 2 (2”w x 3”h) stem wall stencil (1”w x 9”h) tree wall stencil –small (7.5”w x 10”h) sunflower wall stencil (10.5”w x 23”h) corn stalk wall stencil (10”w x 23”h) rabbit wall stencil (10.5”w x 5”h)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wall Decals / Wall Stickers

What’s the difference between wall decals, wall stickers, and vinyl stickers?
To us, there is no difference between a wall decal and a wall sticker. We use these terms interchangeably. All our decals/stickers are made from a low-tack fabric adhesive material that is repositionable, removable, and reusable. They stick well to walls, are easy-to apply and easy-to-clean. They are virtually impossible to mess up and leave no messy residue when you remove it from your walls. Great stuff! We do not work with vinyl (which is typically printed in one color and cumbersome to install).

Will the decals damage my walls?
No, no, and more no.

How easy are the stickers to put up?
Seriously easy. Just peel and stick. For the larger pieces, however, we do suggest grabbing a buddy for help.

Will the stickers work on my vehicle/exterior window?
Our decals are NOT waterproof and not intended for exterior surfaces. That said, many of our customers have had success using a polyurethane coating to protect them from nature’s elements. Also note that the back side is the sticky side, not the front side, so if you want them to be seen from the outside, you’ll need to place them on a protected exterior surface.

Will the stickers work on textured walls?
They work best on flat walls but, yes, unlike the cheap vinyl stickers, our stickers will stick to walls with a mild texture. If you have highly textured walls, you might need to reinforce the stick to ensure that they stay put on your walls. Fabric spray adhesive does the trick but know that using this would nullify he removable/reusable quality of our decals. We’d be happy to send you a sample so you can test it out for yourself. Please send sample requests to info@

Can I reposition/reuse the stickers?
Yes. That said, the more you move them, the less tacky they will become. If you want to move an entire mural from one place to another, return the stickers to their backing paper and store them in the original mailing tube. If you no longer have the original backing paper, you can purchase some smaller sheets of backing paper from us.

Wall Stencils
How many times can I use each stencil? Can I clean the stencils?
The stencils can be used efficiently approximately 6-8 times. Dried paint on the stencils can be lessened with baby wipes. To maximize a stencil’s use and keep it clean, when reusing a stencil, place it on the wall and press down with a paper towel. After continuous use, it will simply turn into a regular stencil and you can use painter’s tape to affix them to the surface you are painting. Alternatively, to recharge the adhesion, you can purchase stencil spray adhesive from any craft store.

Will the stencils work on textured walls?
The stencils work best on flat walls but can also be used on textured walls, though allow for touch-ups and additional time. With textured walls, it is important to use light coats, particularly around the edges of the stencil. Be sure you have background paint for touch-ups should you experience any paint bleeding. To test it out for yourself, feel free to request a small sample send from us at

Can I use the stencils on canvas, wood, fabric, or other flat surfaces?
Yes, the stencils will work on most flat surfaces. Keep in mind that the backside has an adhesive coating so it will pick up the debris from the painting surface.

What type of paint should I use for stenciling?
For stenciling, we recommend acrylic paints, conveniently available through our website. If you do purchase elsewhere, keep in mind that the cheaper the paint, the more watery it is. Watery paint will require additional coats and tends to bleed. Please note that we do not ship paints outside the U.S. unless an additional shipping fee is assessed (which is typically an additional $25-$35). If interested, please contact us to arrange for additional payment.

Is there a stencil for the hill? How do I paint the hills?
No, the hill is painted with a paint roller. It is actually very simple to do. Read this step-by-step post we did about it on our blog: How to Paint the Sky & Hills in the Background.

ColorMe Decals
What is a ColorMe Decal?
It is decal you can color and then use as decoration. Genius! ColorMe Decals stick to any flat surface including walls, windows, mirrors, doors, laptops, lockers and more. 

What’s the best media to use with the ColorMe Decals? Markers? Paints? Crayons? Watercolors? Other? 
We have tried a variety and have decided that we like markers (of any type – Crayola, Sharpies, Pentel, etc.) and liquid watercolors paints the best. You can also use crayons, colored pencils and watercolors, but the colors are less vibrant than with markers and acrylics.

Do the ColorMe Decals come with a color guide?
No, it does not come with a color guide. We want to encourage you to bring out the inner artist in you.

Do you sell markers and or paints for the ColorMe Decals?
No, not at this point in time.

Can you color them directly on the walls?
They work best colored while on the backing paper and then stuck to the walls after completion. You can, however, stick them to the walls before coloring, if you are okay with the occasional going-outside-the-line occurrence (for which the Magic Eraser does wonders).