German Shepherd Pop Art Decal - Shepherd Love by Dean Russo

Product Description
$15.99 USD
    • Product: german shepherd wall sticker decal
    • Sizes: S-11.8"w x 15"h; M-15"w x 19.1"h; L-30.4"w x 38.8"h; XL-38.8"w x 49.3"h
    • Style: pop art, splash art, animal art
    • Colors: magenta, pink, light pink, lilac, lavender, purple, blue, green, teal, orange, red, yellow, brown, black, white, peach
    • Material: fabric sticker, non-toxic, re-positionable
    • Installation: super easy, peel and stick decal
    • Artist: Dean Russo


      Full Description

      Unconditional love! Check out this animal art wall sticker decal, Shepherd Love by NY pop artist Dean Russo! Against a purple, pink tie-dye background, this dog pop art wall decal pictures a seasoned, adult german shepherd with soft, brown eyes and pointy ears, calmly awaiting his daily walk while the word, "love," can be seen next to his right ear. A brilliant array of color and designs adorn this captivating animal splash art print, while the the word, "love," can be seen next to the german shepherd's right ear, making it perfect for any law enforcement, or veterinarian. Shepherd Love is available in 4 sizes: S-11.8"w x 15"h; M-15"w x 19.1"h; L-30.4"w x 38.8"h; XL-38.8"w x 49.3"h. Perfect for walls, mirrors, doors, windows – easy installation guaranteed! Our wall decals will easily peel and stick to any flat surface, as they are made with SafeCling, a high-quality polyester fabric material that is mess-free, removable, repositionable and eco-friendly. This german shepherd pop art wall decal will add color and delight to the walls of your home, animal adoption center, or veterinary clinic. Shepherd Love makes a great gift for german shepherd parents too! 

      "The connection between us and our pets often defies words, but through the use of bright colors and abstract design I convey the happiness and joy they bring to our lives."  - Dean Russo Brooklyn NY pop artist. See the full Dean Russo Collection.

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