Herringbone Pattern Wall Stencil - Self-Adhesive

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$29.99 USD

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Not just for necklaces – herringbone is also dazzling in the form of pattern wall stencils! Take this timeless style from accessory to art using our herringbone pattern wall stencils to glam up any room of the house. Striking in your sitting room or son’s “big boy” room, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular pattern wall stencils on the market. Use our herringbone pattern wall stencil in an otherwise simple room and let its innate sophistication speak for itself. All of our herringbone wall décor stencils are self-adhesive and require zero additional (and potentially harmful) spray adhesive on our end. Just peel and stick! Each pattern piece measures 9"w x 9"h, and each rectangle is 10.5"w x 2.2"h, and each stencil sheet is 2'w x 3'h.

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