Polka Dot Pattern Wall Stencil

Product Description
$29.99 USD

SO CUTE! This polka dot pattern wall stencil sheet makes painting polka dots on your walls super simple! Polka dots are a fun way to transform your kids room or playroom! With stencils you can paint any color scheme. Paint gold polka dots! Paint black and white polka dots! Paint a rainbow of colors! This is a great DIY idea for the nursery, playrooms, little girl bedrooms, little boy bedrooms and even the bathroom. So easy and more affordable than wallpaper! 

Unique Benefits
-Cut-out edges: This keeps the stencil from covering fresh paint as you continue the pattern.
-Placement Dots: These help keep the pattern aligned. 

-Stencil Sheet: 25 inches wide x 40.3 inches long
-Dot Size: 6-inch diameter


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