Under the Sea Mural for Mermaid Adventure in Washington State

by Tara Woodbury on February 05, 2014

Under the Sea Bedroom

The team at My Wonderful Walls is very pleased that we have so many repeat customers who buy a stencil kit or wall sticker kit for their first child and come back for the siblings’ rooms later. It is always a joy to see how the little ones grow up in their rooms too! Danielle in Washington State had previously purchased a Garden Themed Wall Stencil Kit for her oldest daughter, Kalina and knew that when sister Giana turned 3, she would do the same for her. Giana is a fun loving toddler who is very much into fish, boats and all things ocean so the Under the Sea Wall Mural was a no-brainer for this busy mom.  Because Giana is very much into Disney and the Little Mermaid as well, Danielle laid the foundation with our mural kit and added a few special touches to make this space unique to her daughter.

Danielle works as the Student Finance Director for Everest College while her husband stays home with the children. Their fun and busy life includes hiking and hanging out for a glass of wine when the girls are asleep. Danielle has made becoming healthier a priority this year so they are playing a lot of Kinect Zumba and drinking green smoothies. She also loves to do paint night with her girlfriends and says there is no artistic talent required. Though Danielle tells us she is pretty comfortable with her artistic ability and got creative with the painting of the background for Giana’s mural. In the pictures you’ll see hills, coves and tunnels all painted freehand by Danielle.

The ocean mural took about four weekends to complete including time to paint the walls over in a double coat of base color and adding all the hills and valleys she wanted. Using the stencils was very easy and fun.  Danielle says the only part she didn’t enjoy was painting the foundation. The girls got to help mom with using the roller for the basecoat and picking what fish would swim where. To elaborate on the ocean theme and tie in Giana’s favorite princess they added Ariel wall appliques.  Gigi loves to talk about how Ariel and Flounder explore the different parts of her ocean room.  Ariel "hides in the sea grass," "swims into Sting Ray Cove," and "talks to Nemo."  Danielle painted the clownfish to look just like Nemo – one of Gigi’s favorite elements in the room. She also loves her jellyfish while sister Kalina likes the seahorse stencil the best. Mom says her favorite parts are the yellow submarine and octopus.  She drew an ocean area under the windowsill to look like a cave and put her stingray there. Danielle calls this “Stingray Cove” and it is one of her favorite parts as well.

Danielle tells us, “I laid down a foundation for my girls (Garden and Ocean kits) that I thought they would enjoy for many years to come.  The rooms are fun and colorful without being too toddlerish.  Then I added wall appliques of their favorite Disney characters because their tastes in characters will change over time.  That way, I can swap out stickers and keep it fresh!” Her advice for anyone starting out with their own kids’ room wall mural: “If you have a thin line on your stencil - use very little paint.  Sometimes the lines bleed together.  If they do, I tear the cotton off of a Q-Tip to make it thinner, dip the stick in water, and then use it to clean up the lines.  Works great!  Especially with semi-gloss paint (a must for kids!)”

We are so glad to have been a part of both of these lovely girls’ rooms and hope they will enjoy their special wall murals for many years to come.  If you love the Under the Sea theme but aren’t sure wall stencils are for you or live in an apartment, where painting isn’t an option, check out our Under the Sea wall stickers.


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