Kid Wall Mural Decal Kits (38)

Why have boring walls when you can create a lively scene sure to ignite their imagination? With our collection of high-quality wall stickers, add some extra personality to any nursery, bedroom, or playroom. While many parents are tempted to give their children a beautifully painted wall mural, they may be intimidated by the artistic aspect. The great thing about wall decals is that you don’t need any sort of artistic ability whatsoever! Best of all, thanks to the impressive quality of our adhesive wall decals, these stickers will give the look of paint without the mess or hassle for a truly exceptional addition to any wall. With an array of fun wall stickers available, you are sure to find the perfect option for the personality of your little one. Choose from such favorites as flowers, space, farm animals, dogs, dinosaurs, princess castles, and more. One of the best features about our collection is that we offer a range of options in not only styles, from simplistic options for nurseries to more colorful options for older children, but we also offer the choice to either create an entire scene or just a few well-placed pieces for a more minimal style. Whether you are looking to place just a few playful stickers to peek out from behind furniture, or enough to cover from floor to ceiling creating a full scene of characters for your little ones, these wall stickers are the perfect answer. We even offer personalized adhesive wall decal options to showcase the name of the child for a unique way to truly make their room special. From a personalized barn to a pirate flag, every child enjoys seeing their name artfully added to their walls to give them a better sense of individuality and ownership. Many people are concerned with the quality of wall decals, as well as the difficulty of getting the perfect application. Rest assured, our collection of fun and friendly wall stickers is designed to be easy to apply with great results. Our stickers are made of SafeCling fabric which is easy to place without bubbles under the surface, annoying white lines, or damage to walls. Best of all, the stickers can be moved as needed without losing their adhesive nature, and they can even be layered to create a truly unique design for your little one. Why should you choose our colorful, fun adhesive wall decals over the competition? The answer is simple. My Wonderful Walls makes the highest quality wall stickers on the market. Period. We guarantee they will work or your money back (… and no one has ever needed to take us up on that offer)! Watch the demonstration video on our homepage to see how our stickers compare to those cheap wall decals available at other stores. Why do our stickers work so well? We use the best material possible. It is thin, woven fabric that is repositionable, removable, reusable, layerable, tear-resistant and leaves absolutely no residue! You don't have to take our word for it. Browse through our rich Customer Gallery and Testimonials, and you’ll see just how much we care about customers satisfaction. So, if you want the best, search no further.