Stripes & Geometric Decals (16)

While some people of think of walls as just another part of the house, others see a blank canvas waiting to be brought to life with vibrant colors and exciting patterns. For the bold visionary looking to add something extra to their walls, our geometric wall decals, stickers and stencils are the perfect solution. Whether looking to create an all-over approach to a single wall, a few embellishments in chosen areas of interests or add an already completed scene in the form of a large decal, we have a range of options to let your creative side come to the surface. While many people feel intimidated by such a project, transforming plain walls into a work of art has never been easier. The stencil options allow you to simply place the stencil where you want the artwork displayed, paint, and remove the stencil to reveal a work that looks like it was done by a professional. With the geometric wall stickers, you simply place them on the surface and you have a look that appears painted without any white outlines or bubbles in the decal. Our selection of designs for geometric wall stencils and decals feature a range of stylish options to meet a range of tastes with ease. Whether looking to add retro style stripes to the walls for a look that’s both 70’s and modern, a craftsman pattern painted in sleek metallic for a throwback to another era, or a scallop shell pattern for a dreamy, beachy vibe, you are sure to find the right choice in patterns for your walls. We also offer geometric wall stickers and stencils in this collection which give you a complete scene artfully depicted in easy to place geometric wall decals. From a starry night over the mountains to a full-size bear for a rustic charm, you will find a range of decals with a geometric design. Add some fun and life to your boring walls today!