Forest Wall Decals Help With Move to New Home

by Stephanie Goins on February 15, 2014

Forest Animal Wall Stickers

One of the best features of My Wonderful Walls fabric wall stickers is the fact that they are removable and repositionable. Some customers even take their wall stickers with them when they move and re-apply them in the new space. While the stenciled wall murals are beautiful too they can’t travel with you as one adorable little girl in Ontario, Canada found out when her family moved. Adanya was missing the Splendid Garden Mural her parents created for her in the “old house” but mom was quick to pick out a sticker kit and create a new space for Adanya. Now she loves her new room and has stopped asking to go back to the “old house”.  Mom, Jackie, loves that her daughter is so happy in her new room and that the stickers were easy to use. Here’s more on Adanya’s new room:


My Wonderful Walls:  What product did you purchase?

Jackie:  Forest Friends Wall Stickers for Girls

MWW:  Tell us a little about why you choose this theme?

Jackie:  My daughter had the splendid garden mural done in our other house and she absolutely loved it. We recently moved and she missed her garden so much she asked for 3 months to go back to the "old house" so I decided it was time to do her room again in the new house. We chose something slightly different to allow her to have variety. Adanya loves animals and the outdoors.  Her favorite is the fox and her name on the sign (great feature). Every night she sleeps with her "friends" in her forest she tells me. She is such a bubbly, outgoing, creative little girl who enjoys having lots to look at in her room.

MWW:  What was your child's reaction to the wall mural when she first saw it?

Jackie:  She actually helped me put it up. She makes sure EVERYONE that enters our house tours her room and she points out all of the different stickers (her fox.. her pond with the frog .. her turtle... her flower trees and her name are all on her hit list of the tour whenever someone comes over). She has the biggest smile on her face when she talks about her room. She has not asked to go back to the old house since we finished her mural.

MWW:  Why did you choose stencils over stickers / or stickers over stencils?

Jackie:  I used the stencil kit last time for her. I spent over 40 hours doing it, making it absolutely perfect. I just didn’t have the time to do all that again. So with the stickers I had them up in 30 minutes and they look painted!  The only downside to sticker versus stencils is you can’t paint the butterflies and birds any color you want.

MWW:  What was your experience with the stickers?

Jackie:  They were super easy to use and my daughter could even help! I loved that I could re-position them until I was happy with the way everything looked.

MWW:  Did you add any personal touches to the standard wall mural you received?

Jackie:  Yes. I put her old name tag above her bed back up that I made and I still intend to add her butterfly coat hangers back up as well.

MWW:  What else would you like to tell us about you?

Jackie:  I love creating a different atmosphere in each of my children’s bedrooms as I feel it is important that their rooms reflect their personalities. I want them to love their experiences in their rooms and feel comfortable. And I find plain walls boring.

I love taking old objects and giving them new life. I love antiques and strive to make my house look different from other houses. I enjoy older homes and giving them modern/rustic twists.


Thanks for letting us share Adanya’s room with our blog readers Jackie! You did a wonderful job creating her special forest room!


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