Rainbow Wall Stickers and Space Decals Are Out of This World

by Stephanie Goins on February 28, 2014

Rainbow Wall Stickers


As children get older and start to have a little more input into their bedroom wall décor, sometimes we as parents have to guide them to something that will grow with them. My Wonderful Walls is happy to offer a wide range of wall stickers that do just that but can also be easily changed when it’s time for a new look. 

Martha, in New Jersey told us that her family was putting an addition on to their house. The kids were getting new rooms and it was time for some wall décor!  Kayla, age 9, said that she would like a rainbow theme. Mom said, “She is getting older and I wanted something that would grow with her into her tween years.  Also, I didn't want anything too garish.”  She purchased the Disco Rainbow Wall Sticker Kit complete with personalized hot air balloon sticker. Andrew, age 6, wanted Angry Birds Space, but mom felt that was too commercial.   So when she found our Space Themed Wall Stickers she thought that was a great compromise allowing Andrew to add a few Angry Birds pieces to his room. 

She chose stickers over stencils because she was afraid she might mess up with painting a mural. (Of course our wall mural stencils are just about foolproof!) Both children were old enough to help create their wall murals and enjoyed the process. Martha told us Andrew particularly liked putting up all of the stars that come with the Space Sticker Set. It took less than an hour to put the stickers in both rooms. She found the stickers very easy to position and reposition. Other stickers she has used in the past were not so wonderful, peeling paint off the walls or not sticking well in the first place. Martha’s favorite sticker is the huge glittery rainbow. Her son Andrew’s favorite is the ringed planet above his bed.

Why did Martha choose My Wonderful Walls? She told us that while her house was being renovated she spent many hours searching online for decorating ideas for the children’s bedrooms. When she discovered My Wonderful Walls she bookmarked the site and returned frequently. She looked at other sites with wall stickers but kept coming back. Finally, it was the video showing a side by side comparison of our wall stickers to others that sold her on our product!  Martha said, “Everyone who sees the rooms thinks that the stickers are really painted on the walls.  When I tell them that they're stickers, the first thing they do is touch them.  They do not look or feel like any other wall sticker I have seen.”

That is definitely the out of this world experience we like our customers to have. Thanks Martha for sharing a bit about the rooms you created with My Wonderful Walls stickers and we hope that Kayla and Andrew enjoy their rooms for many years to come. 


Space Themed Boys Room


Blog post written by Tara