Hot Air Balloon Decals are a Perfect Fit for Gender Neutral Nursery

by Michael Goins on April 06, 2014

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When Emily in Bayport, NY started to work on the nursery décor for baby #3, she knew she wanted a hot air balloon theme and the colors to be soft and gender neutral. It took a bit of searching to find wall décor that met her vision but when she landed on My Wonderful Walls’ Classic Nursery Stickers she knew the Hot Air Balloons and Clouds were perfect for the nursery.

Emily says since she had used darker colors in her first son’s room, she wanted to use some softer colors for her new baby who was still waiting to make an appearance at the time. The Hot Air Balloon motif was inspired by a favorite book, “It's Time to Sleep My Love" that she reads to her younger son each night. Emily searched online for Hot Air Balloon Wall Art and found a lot of things that just didn’t fit her vision or were too feminine. But when she saw the Hot Air Balloon and Clouds Wall Stickers in gender neutral colors, she was sold! 

She enlisted the help of her mom, Sue, in the creating of the nursery mural. She says she was a little intimidated at first thinking that using the wall decals might be difficult. Her five year old son really wanted to help but Emily was pretty nervous about getting it right. As they started hanging up the stickers, her mind was soon set at ease and she discovered how easy it is to hang our fabric wall stickers. In fact, she says it took her mom and her more time to figure out where to put them than to actually stick them on the walls! Next time, she says she will let the kids get in on the fun.  She says it was definitely helpful to have an extra set of hands for the large stickers but doable on your own.

Because the family lives in a cape style home, the walls and ceilings of the bedrooms have very odd angles.  Emily found it quite difficult to decorate the walls and place furniture so it appeals to the eye.  And not having a wall large enough to create a mural that wasn't taken up by a piece of furniture meant they decided not to place the hot air balloons and clouds on just one wall.  Instead, they spread them out around the room.  Emily says she really loves the placement of the clouds above the crib and the sheer curtains create an even more whimsical look.  Emily and Sue were able to place the balloons on two other walls, which is a great thing about wall stickers! 

In addition to the decals she purchased from My Wonderful Walls, Emily added a few lines from the book that inspired the decor “Your dreams will be arriving soon.  They'll float to you in sleep's balloon." above the window behind the crib.  We think the baby who will be dreaming in this room is very lucky indeed! 


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