Cloud Wall Mural Inspired by Landscapes of Ireland

by Stephanie Goins on September 03, 2014

Cloud Wall Mural

While we sell some elaborate wall mural stencil kits for your child’s room or nursery décor, we also have quite a few a la carte stencils and smaller sets for those looking for a more subdued theme. Patricia and Judah in Alabama were inspired by the landscapes Judah used to draw as a child growing up in Ireland to use our cloud wall mural kit. With rolling hills, blue skies and fluffy white clouds, the result was simple and elegant while still being bright and cheerful enough for a baby nursery.

New mom, Patricia, tells us that the cloud wall mural was Judah’s idea and while she can draw better than her husband, neither of them felt comfortable drawing this mural free hand. An internet search for wall stencils led them to My Wonderful Walls and Patricia says they couldn’t be happier. The couple has been married for about 4 years and this room was created for their first baby, Abigail, who was born on March 7th. Patricia says they spent about 2 days getting the cloud mural just right. They started by watching some of our video tutorials, especially those on painting the rolling hills. Patricia says they found it helpful to outline all the clouds in chalk before painting to make sure the placement was just right. Her helpful tip if you’re just starting out with our stencils? When you lay the stencils make sure they are completely flat with no bubbles.

Mom and dad found this experience was just what they needed and enjoyed painting the mural together. The expectant parents sat in Abigail’s nursery before she was born and imagined her in the room with them. Even though she hadn’t yet slept in her nursery when Patricia filled out our blog spotlight form, she anticipates that Abigail will enjoy making up stories in her room featuring her little piece of Ireland as she gets older.

Our cloud stencils are great for wall murals as well as on ceilings, furniture, doors and more. We sell the Simply Clouds Stencil Kit seen here which contains five self-adhesive wall stencils or the Whimsy Clouds Stencil Set with five whimsical clouds of different shapes and sizes.  You can also purchase individual cloud stencils or cloud wall stickers. Make sure to check out our Painting the Clouds Tutorial Video for helpful hints to create unique clouds in your mural.

If you have been inspired to create a wall mural for yourself or your child but feel like you’ll never pull it off, My Wonderful Walls is here to help! Thanks to Patricia and Judah for allowing us to take a peek at Abigail’s beautiful nursery.  We hope she enjoys it for many years to come.

 Cloud Wall Stencils


Blog post written by Tara