Sky is the Limit with Cloud Wall Stencils for UP Themed Nursery

by Stephanie Goins on January 14, 2015
UP Themed Nursery
Parents are full of wonderful ideas for their new baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom mural. We are thrilled to be able to help make their dreams a reality. One such couple, Brenna and Todd in Windermere, FL dreamt of an UP themed nursery. They were on the hunt for balloons that they could attach to the wall or paint. When they couldn’t find what they needed, they stumbled upon My Wonderful Walls and our Simply Clouds Wall Stencil Kit. The cloud mural along with balloon lanterns achieved the look the parents to be were looking for and baby Adelaide Jade came home to a gorgeous nursery.

Todd and Brenna are both Disney Cast Members for the Walt Disney World Resort. They wanted a Disney themed nursery and chose UP because of the simplicity of the theme and lack of merchandise. Adelaide was named after a character from the movie Aristocats, but they didn't do an Aristocats room because they were fearful of being recipients of every Marie kitten out there.

The parents searched for different theme ideas and merchandise to create a simple nursery for months. They found that what they wanted just didn't exist and had to get creative with other items to invent the atmosphere they wanted. Brenna told us that trying to find bright color nursery items was exceedingly difficult. They wanted bright red/yellow/blue things and had to be resourceful by piecing together items from stores and websites all over the world. When they decided to go with clouds instead of balloons, the couple searched for cloud stickers/decals but they weren't large enough. They happened upon My Wonderful Walls and decided to try the cloud wall stencils. Brenna said the stencils arrived quickly and she was impressed by the size of the stencils. She also found that they were easy to attach to the walls and move (which they moved over, and over, and over).

When painting the clouds in the nursery, they waited for the paint to dry before they moved the stencil again, so Brenna would attach the stencils in the morning before going to work, then Todd would paint them when he got home in the evening. They dried overnight and the process would start again. The couple found watching our video tutorial on using the cloud stencils very helpful. One tip they shared was getting the right paint brush for the job. The couple purchased both paint brushes and sponge tip brushes, but because of their textured walls the paint brushes did not work well and the paint leaked behind the stencil. The sponge brushes were great. Brenna said she loved that you could overlap the stencils to make each cloud unique and that she and Todd had a lot of fun with their stencil project. It took about one week to paint in the clouds. The final touch was a large mural from the 40th anniversary of WDW that Todd's parents framed for the couple. It was that last add that finally made the room feel complete. Brenna’s favorite part of the nursery decor? The balloon lanterns they hung from the ceiling but she says they would not have the same effect without the clouds they painted on the walls.

Adelaide is still enjoying her UP themed nursery. Brenna told us, “Newborns cannot distinguish colors, but can see contrast. Adelaide could see the white clouds against the blue wall and she often tried to focus on the clouds. We have a video from her first day home from the hospital and she's laying on her changing pad starring at a cloud on the wall.” As Adelaide has gotten older, mom said she loves her nursery's bright colors. She loves looking at the balloon lanterns, the mural, and the clouds. And the parents are very proud of their final product.

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