Animal Wall Stickers Make Playroom Mural Perfect for One Lucky Grandson

by Stephanie Goins on February 06, 2015

Dog and Cat Wall Mural

If you’re just hanging around (har har) dreaming up your next home improvement project you might want to pay attention to this show stopping wall mural created by Ann for her grandson Liam. Ann and her husband own a home improvement company in Pasadena, MD so they know what it takes to make a great room. Faced with an empty nest and an unused bedroom that had become a storage/junk room, Ann decided to create a playroom for grandson Liam and any (hopefully!) future grandkids. She chose the Paws Park Wall Sticker Kit as it was gender neutral and could grow with Liam. Judging by the pictures Ann sent us, Liam seems to like it pretty well! 

Ann wanted to create a wall mural in the new playroom that would be unique and could serve not only Liam but any future grandchildren. She has used other wall stickers in the past and found them lacking but wanted to use wall decals as they were faster than stenciling and easily changed out if she wanted to switch it up. Searching on Etsy, Ann found our dog and cat themed wall decals and was sold. Once the stickers arrived, it took Ann a few days to finish the entire mural. She was even able to add extra paw prints and butterflies to her order to complete the look and came up with the clever idea to turn the little cat food pieces into butterflies adding antennas, a head and a smiley face to make each x a butterfly. Another unique feature of the playroom mural is that Ann decided not to apply wall decals to the entire wall but rather kept the mural about the chair rail. With an eleven foot tall wall this made for a less busy look. One notable feature she appreciated about our fabric wall stickers (especially compared to others she’s used) was that they are easy to move to another spot without tearing or damage to the walls.

Though she claims her artistic skill level is on the low side, she felt pretty comfortable with the mural making process. Ann utilized our virtual mural maker online to create a plan for how the decals should be placed and then printed her creation. Using a projector, she put her concept drawing on the wall and used that to guide her. Other ideas were found by looking at our customer gallery photos before painting the background sky and grassy hills. She had so much fun creating the mural and even her husband joined in on the fun for a bit. Ann’s only regret she shared was not having anyone to paint the ceilings for her! The playroom was a surprise for her grandson and though he was too young at the time to comment his smile says a lot.

Thanks Ann for sharing your experience with our wall decals and these adorable photos. We hope Liam will enjoy many years of playing and imagining in this fun room!


Dog and Cat Themed Wall Mural

Pet Themed Wall Stickers


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