Mom and Dad Create “Abigail’s Garden” with Splendid Garden Wall Stickers

by Tara Woodbury on July 03, 2015

Garden Themed Nursery Mural

Often times our customers have already pictured in their mind a specific theme for their baby’s nursery mural and are just not 100% sure how to execute that theme. We offer two great ways to create murals for baby nurseries or kids’ rooms, wall stickers and wall stencils for painting your own mural. Mom to be at the time, Alicia had a color scheme in mind and knew the colors she had chosen would lend themselves to a bright garden theme room. Her goal was to have a room that would work beyond the "nursery" phase and that could be enjoyed for several years. When she found My Wonderful Walls on Pinterest, she discovered our Splendid Garden Wall Sticker Kit and knew it was a perfect fit because, although she had someone who was willing to paint a similar design for them, she wanted the texture and layers of color within each flower, the tree, and overall feel of being in an actual garden. Alicia felt our fabric wall stickers delivered that and much more.

Here’s what she had to say about her nursery mural:

My Wonderful Walls: Who created this garden mural?
Alicia: My husband, Charlie and I did.

MWW: Who is this nursery mural for?
Alicia: This nursery is for our baby girl Alicia. (Who at the time hadn’t been born yet.)

MWW: Why stickers over stencils?
Alicia: After watching the demo video using the fabric, I was impressed by the durability and versatility of the stickers. I like that the stickers are able to be moved to get them in just the right spot. Stencils require you to have the design exactly where you want it from the beginning. Sometimes, things need to be moved a little to the right, or left, to give the mural the look you want.

MWW: How long did it take you to make the mural?
Alicia: 1 ½ hours

MWW: What is your artistic comfort level?
Alicia: I'm fairly comfortable with design and using colors within a room to create the vision that is in my head. Creating is the easy part for me, but when it comes to drawing or painting, that's where I enlist the help of products like yours!

MWW: Have you used other wall stickers before?
Alicia: We have a vinyl phrase in our dining room that was torture for a perfectionist like me to display. I had a hair dryer and Popsicle stick going over tiny sections at a time to rid it if wrinkles in the wall and assure that it would adhere to our textured walls! The fabric went in so easily and smoothly. No hair dryer or tears of frustration necessary!

MWW: What did you enjoy about the process of creating your own room mural?
Alicia: Creating the scene was so incredibly easy! The fabric went in smoothly, the pieces were able to be moved as needed and the colors within each piece were beautiful and vibrant!

MWW: Did you add any personal touches to the existing mural as packaged?
Alicia: We are planning on adding a heart to tree trunk with the initials C+A to mimic a carving within the bark to add a special touch to the room. We will do this with a light brown paint and thin brush.

MWW: Do you have a favorite element of the mural?
Alicia: Oh gosh! It's hard to choose just one favorite thing about the scene! The fact that the scene looks hand painted and natural is the best feature overall for sure. If I had to choose one specific thing though I would have to say the bumblebees. Something about them adds a special touch to the scene to make it feel like an actual garden along with the butterflies.

MWW: What was the reaction to the finished room?
Alicia: Our little girl has not arrived just yet, but her 4yr old cousin never wants to leave what she calls "Abigail's garden." She smiles as she touches each flower, the frog, and the stems and loves to play in front of it.

MWW: Do you have any helpful tips for those just starting out with the mural making process?
Alicia: Watch the videos! I would have never thought to draw the hill with chalk first before painting it! Out of all the work we put into her room from flooring, to crown molding, painting, decorating, organizing, I was most nervous about the hill messing it all up!

The videos give you confidence that it really IS that simple!

MWW: Tell us a little bit about your experience with the product and with My Wonderful Walls in general.
Alicia: The product was packaged nicely with no wrinkles, tears or issues. It was easy to remove from the backing and went in textured walls with ease. It arrived sooner than expected with clever instructions, including a celebratory dance upon completion, and was even better than I expected. The company has been excellent regarding communication and incredibly friendly!

This Pearland, TX mom and her husband are polar opposites when it comes to the decorating front. Alicia, an elementary school teacher, loves to play with colors, fabrics and decor to give a room the certain "look” she has in her mind. While, Charlie is a software engineer who likes things to be black and white, measured, and is happier if all the furniture is lined up around the room without any of her “crazy diagonal shelves or chairs”. So when they come together to work on a room it can be interesting but usually works out and in this case Alicia said they were both very pleased with “Abigail’s Garden”.