5 Businesses That Need Wall Decals

by MWW Office on January 22, 2018

Certain types of businesses need to maintain a level of professionalism. However, there are plenty of businesses that can benefit from adding some lively color in the form of wall decals. Here are the top 5 businesses that need wall decals to bring some new life to their décor.

1. Day Cares

A daycare is a place where multiple important functions are put in place for young minds. Not only is daycare a place where children of various ages learn important social skills, it is also a place to encourage their imaginations. An easy way to do this is with bold visual depictions of friendly characters and mural scenes. From farm animals to outer space themes, there are a ton of options to add some extra stimulation for young minds to a daycare setting.

2. Yoga Studios

A yoga studio is a unique setting where you want to use wall decals to add to the ambiance of the setting. For instance, the use of zodiac signs, chakras, or other metaphysical influences in the form of wall decals can add an extra level of relaxation and focus. Whether you choose to use these decals in the actual studio area or simply in the reception area as a warm welcome to visitors, they will add a lot of character to the space with minimal effort on your part.

3. Veterinarian Offices

Taking a pet to the vet can be stressful for pets and their owners. From the worries of what will happen to your little furry family member to the stress of the car ride over with an anxious pet, there are a lot of factors that can add to the stress of the situation for all involved. When waiting in the waiting room for your pet’s turn, it is nice to have fun, pleasing imagery to take in to keep your mind off the stress. With colorful animal-themed decals, liven up the space while adding visually pleasing artwork to walls.

4. Pediatrician Offices

Whether your child is under the weather or just in for their annual checkup, a trip to the pediatrician’s office can be a long, tedious, and sometimes stressful, endeavor. This type of space should be inviting and engaging for young minds to keep them preoccupied. With a waiting room full of friendly animals or an exam room with lively birds singing from a tree, you can create a setting that is less intimidating for little ones and their parents.

5. Coffee Shops

A coffee shop is a place where people go to do more than enjoy a cup of coffee in today’s world. As a hub for the remote worker, college students, and social hotspot for meetups, a coffee shop has become a central part of life for many people. Wall decals can add a special element to this special space. There are many options in terms of themes to make the walls of this space come to life for everyone that visits the shop.