10 New Year's Resolutions When Painting Your Child’s Room


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Forget about your own personal resolutions for the year (eat better, exercise more, save more. Boring!) Let’s address something more fun…. 10 resolutions when painting your child’s room!

1)  I will create a space for my child that sparks the imagination.

2)  I will not be limited by artistic insecurities.

3)  I will get outside my box and do something I’d never dreamt of doing (such as painting my own kids wall mural).

4)  I will not be afraid to be too colorful.

5)  I will not be afraid to paint or to get a little messy.

6)  I will approach the decorating from my child’s point of view and use his/her interests. If she likes Fairies, I will find fairy wall murals. If he loves trains, I will train look for unique train wall art. If he can think of nothing but dinosaurs, I will fill the walls with prehistoric creatures.

7)  I will think big.

8)  I will strive to find fun and funky wall art designs.

9)  I will let myself be inspired.

10)  I will have fun doing it!

Happy New Year and Happy Painting!

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  • Stephanie Goins
Comments 2
  • Meghan

    your ideas are inspiring! Now I’m trying to decide which kids room I can paint! Thanks!

  • sara

    I got your page searching for decorating kids rooms.topic My Wonderful Walls Blog » 10 New Year’s Resolutions When Painting Your Child’s Room was interesting.Please Keep posting on decorating kids rooms.

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