Our Farm Theme Baby Wall Mural – 3 years later

by Stephanie Goins on March 29, 2011

Farm Wall MuralAbout 3 years ago, we painted a farm mural in our son’s room with our farm stencil kit. It turned out great, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. We have actually gotten quite a lot of use out of this fun farm wall mural. We’ve told stories based on the farm animals in the the wall art. We’ve sung countless farm songs. We’ve adorned the farm animals with sparkles, felt, glitter and gems. (Hobby Lobby loves our family!)

The boys are now almost 3 and 5 ½ and sleep in the same room, so we have plans to give the room “big boy makeover”. I think we’ve agreed upon a boy’s space theme room with blasting rockets, robots, planets and aliens. But this morning as we were hanging out in the room, I realized that this farm mural still has quite a lot of life in it. Adrian, the little one, started pretending like he was a choo choo train, and he was taking all his farm friends with him on the journey. Then Isaac got in on the action and pretended to pack food for the trip, asking each what they preferred to eat. We eventually traveled to Seattle so these lovely farm animals could see the ocean for the first time. (Pause for preschool) and we are back in their farm themed room with an afternoon of more pretend trips around the world.

Farm Themed NurseryIt was great fun! My boys have wild imaginations and thrive on this sort of activity, especially when they’ve got my complete attention. But still, I was impressed by how much fun they both had and by how much we were able to discuss and learn from our little pretend activity.

So, 3 years later, the baby room farm theme mural still definitely keeps on giving. Impressive indeed! Does this mean that the space mural will be put on hold? Probably not. You know how kids are when they get their minds set to something. But rest assured that there are endless possibilities you can do with your child’s wall mural. All you need is a little imagination.