Cleaning with Kids Made Easy

by Stephanie Goins on July 11, 2011

LET’S CLEAN! Cleaning can be oodles of fun… with the right attitude. Let us break from our typical topic of wall art for a moment and share with you a few fun ideas to help your get the cleaning done and have a great time with your kids at the same time.  

Cleaning With Kids

Spot Check
Mopping can be a lot of fun. Before you begin, put a bandana around your head (just for silliness) and slippers (to prevent slipping on the wet floor). Your child will enjoy helping you dip the mop in and out of the water and squeezing out the excess water. Then give him the task of finding all the dirty areas and spots on the floor. Every time he finds a spot, yell out "Spot Check!"

Laundry Sort and Catch
Here is a quick and easy laundry sort method that works well with multiple kids. Dump all the laundry into a big pile and have the kids stand back from it and apart from each other. Then designate the catchers. One kid is “towels”. One kid is “socks’. One kid is “daddy”. One kid is “Jordan”. The pick up a piece of laundry and throw it at the corresponding catcher. Some they’ll catch and put in the pile at their feet, some will land on their head or they’ll miss completely. One thing is for sure, they’ll be giggling up a storm. If you have only one child, you could use stuffed animal catchers in place of kids. I can get a whole week’s worth of laundry sorted in about 20 minutes this way… and the kids have a blast.

General Laundry Help
Doing the laundry may seem like a boring chore to an adult but an exciting "project" to a toddler. Have your child help you out with all aspects of the tasks. Collect the laundry from baskets around the house, sort, put clothes in washer, add detergent, change the settings, and press the start button, etc. (Caution: Never leave your child unattended around the washing machine.)

Little Helper
While you are cleaning, give your child a broom, rag or scrub brush so that she can "help you" with the cleaning. Of course she probably won't be very effective, but it will keep her occupied for a little while.

Sock Match
When you are folding the laundry, give your child all the socks and present him with the task of matching them all up. This will keep him occupied and away from the clothes that you have already folded.