Fun Activities for Kids: High Energy Toddler Activities

by Stephanie Goins on July 17, 2011

HIGH ENERGY: Here are a few silly activities for you to enjoy today. This round will help you expend some of that endless toddler energy. Enjoy!

Sibling Hallway Chase
This activity is especially good if you have an energetic toddler and small infant who like to be in motion. With baby securely in arms, mom or dad chases toddler up and down the hallway and tags toddler with his sibling's feet. Repeat until all pass out from laughing and/or exhaustion.

Green Light GO, Red Light STOP, Yellow Light SLOW
Make simple traffic signs with construction paper, paper plates and popsicle sticks. Use red, yellow, and green construction paper. Cut out one circle of each color. Glue each circle to a paper plate. Attach a popsicle stick to each plate. Now to play... Hide the signs behind your back and bring out one at a time. Your child will enjoy running when the green light is displayed, slowing down for the yellow light, and coming to a complete stop for the red. You can even have brother or sister be the policeman and give out tickets for unlawful behavior.

 Fun With Tape
Blue painters tape or duct tape can be quite fun to play around with. Tape a section to look like a hopscotch board and then toss a rock and play; Tape Xs all over the floor and jump from one to the next; Tape a line starting from one end of the house to another and practice your balance. See who can walk the whole way without stepping off the tape, and then try it backwards.

Hula Hoop Hubbub
Activities for ToddlersPlay with a hula hoop. Roll it. Crawl through it. Jump over it. Spin it like a top. Throw balls through it. Turn on some music and dance with/in/around it. The possibilities are endless.

Dress-Up Relay Game
This is fun to do for a birthday party. Fill up two suitcases with all sorts of clothes (hat, dress, purse, underwear, gloves, scarf, etc.) Divide into two teams. One by one each child has to run to the other side of the room, take everything out of that team's suitcase, get dressed in all the items, hit a bell or buzzer, undress, and then run back to their team. Then the next child goes...