Flower Wall Stickers by My Wonderful Walls are Recognized by Hollins University

by Stephanie Goins on September 20, 2011

Goins Family

My Wonderful Walls started out in 2008 as the brainchild of Stephanie Goins’ husband, a graphic and product designer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The couple runs the business themselves to this day, and it is a definite testament to their hardworking spirits and their creativity. A graduate of Hollins University in 1995, Stephanie is very proud of her educational roots, and- as it turns out – the University is proud of her accomplishments as well, and has shown this by choosing her to be featured in the first issue of the Hollins University online magazine.

Backtracking almost fifteen years, you would find that Stephanie Goins was not always on the creative and entrepreneurial track that she now is taking. She left Hollins University with not one but two majors in hand: both a major in Spanish and a major in Economics. She traveled with the Peace Corps from 1996 to 1998, where she spent time in Guatemala working with the youth and local weavers to help promote entrepreneurship in their villages and towns. After that, she came back to the states and co-taught Spanish with her mother, who was undergoing chemotherapy treatments, at Phoenix Country Day School in Paradise Valley, AZ.

The following year, Stephanie branched out on her own teaching track, this time working with high school students at the same school. Later, while earning a Masters in Spanish Language and Culture at Arizona State University, Stephanie taught Spanish to college-level students – something she loved and looks back on with find remembrance to this day.

In 2004, Stephanie and her husband moved to Tennessee and started their family. When her husband came up with an idea to create huge full-room stencil kits, Stephanie was completely on board and did whatever she could to help her husband get the business off of the ground. It was something they were both passionate about and believed in, which made all of the hard work completely worth it.

Even though Stephanie worked as a freelance writer to help pay the bills for two years after the start of My Wonderful Walls, her heart was to be able to fully immerse herself into the company; in 2010, those passions came to fruition as She was able to step into her current full-time position, which involves such tasks as customer service, advertising, bookkeeping, social networking, office manager, and - of course - loving design critic.

When Stephanie heard that her alma mater was looking for people to feature in their new online magazine, she jumped at the chance to share her and her husband’s business with the world. It was not long before the University selected her as a finalist and featured her in their first issue that is dedicated to celebrating the innovations and achievements of their talented alumnae.

Splendid Garden Wall StickersAs her entry into the selection process, Stephanie submitted a sample of their wildly popular Garden Wall Sticker Kit – a beautiful, whimsical sticker kit full of gorgeous flower wall stickers, that brings color and life through custom-made flowers, butterflies, and more. For parents looking to transform a room into something perfect for their little prince or princess, the designs created by Stephanie’s husband for My Wonderful Walls are nothing short of magical.