Gorgeous Ocean Wall Mural - Customer Spotlight on Wisconsin Couple Gina & Neal

by Stephanie Goins on September 29, 2011

Ocean Themed Wall Mural

Every now and then, our My Wonderful Walls office gets a chance to have a peek inside the lives of our customers. Recently we were able to talk to Neal and Gina – a couple from Waunakee, Wisconsin that were looking for something unique to make their son, Victor’s, nursery extra special. It means a lot to us to hear how happy they were with the quality of our product and the friendliness of our staff, but we also really appreciate getting to hear the story of how our stencils helped transform their nursery into a place of wonder and imagination.

After careful consideration and time spent looking online at the My Wonderful Walls website to make sure that they chose the perfect wall stencil kit, the couple decided on the Under the Sea Stencil Kit, which is a magical blend of sea creatures and underwater scenes that depict the beauty of the sea at its finest.

Gina’s top priority was finding something for their son’s nursery that was colorful and bright. As color is one of the first things to grab a newborn’s attention after they are born, it was important to her that Victor’s wall mural be as visually stimulating as possible while still exuding a sense of peace. Enter the ocean wall mural, Under the Sea Themed Wall Stencil Kit – a perfect hybrid of bright colors and the serenity of water.

Even though the My Wonderful Walls website offers wall stickers and decals, Gina and Neal decided from the very beginning that they wanted a more hands-on approach, which is what drew them to the wall mural kits that include reusable stencils and patterns. Gina, a crafter by nature, had worked with craft paint before and was excited to put that experience to work in the nursery.

Additionally, Gina’s father had been a talented artist that had filled her childhood room with hand-painted murals that she remembers fondly to this day. While Gina feels she inherited her father’s creativity, she also feels that her freehand abilities are not superb, which is why the stencil kit was, in her mind, the way to go.

Because of the intrinsically custom nature of the stencils and the accompanying paints, Gina was able to select colors for this ocean wall mual that complimented the baby blanket they had found for Victor and incorporate that color scheme into the mural as a whole. To add yet another level of personalization to the artwork, Gina also hand painted white detailing marks on all of the sea creatures and used glitter pens to add depth and sparkly to the creature’s eyes.

After it was all said and done, the couple’s favorite scene for this ocean wall mural turned out to be the large, loveable turtle; it is one of the largest stencils in the kit and is complimented by a realistic and detailed coral reef scene as well. The best part about the entire process in her mind, though, was the efficiency of the process from start to finish. From base coat to finished mural, Gina and her husband clocked in at a mere three days – an extraordinary transformation for their darling baby boy’s special room.

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