Michael Goins Paints Mural at His Son's School CSAS

by Michael Goins on October 09, 2011

Michael Goins, owner of My Wonderful Walls

Michael Goins, the mind and owner behind My Wonderful Walls, had the opportunity to design and paint a lovely mural for his son’s school, Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences. The school wanted to personalize their lackluster office walls and asked Michael to lend his expertise at a mural in the school’s office. His son Isaac had just begun Kindergarten at the time. An artistic person by nature, Michael was glad to lend a hand at his son’s school and use his creative resources to make a difference at a school that was making a difference in his own family’s life.

Michael designed a mural that features the school’s logo and highlights six colorful silhouettes of children playing under a cloud-filled sky. After designing the mural, he then spent a day in the school office creating the painting. When it was finished everyone at the school was absolutely thrilled by it and was very appreciative.

Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences is a Paideia School- a magnet school in Chattanooga, Tennessee that is driven to have a richly diverse socioeconomic and racial student and parental demographic. It has a core curriculum of a liberal arts approach that leads back to original thinker and American philosopher, Mortimer Adler. The school utilizes seminars, “intellectual coaching of skills”, and truly teaching instead of entertaining their students. These principles, as well as many others, are what facilitates a passion for learning early on in it’s students—giving the school a 96 percent rate of attendance—with more than 95 percent of students graduating from there attending college. Test scores at the school are impressively high and have brought attention to the school from all over the nation.

Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences is very committed to a having a healthy amount of parental involvement- requiring parents to contribute 18 hours a year at the school. It really makes a difference when parents are able to be a part of the learning and can contribute their own gifts and skills to their children’s enrichment. Michael was able to do exactly that with the wonderful mural he created.

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