California Couple Finds Joy In Their Forest Theme Wall Stickers

by Stephanie Goins on November 03, 2011

Forest Theme Nursery

For a large majority of the parents and families that order our wall stickers and wall mural stencil kits, the murals they create serve to bring wonder and imagination into the lives of their children. For many, the scenes depicted on those walls maybe the only interaction that children get with nature – this is especially true of those living in the city that do not have the luxury of stepping out on their deck and looking out into a wide world filled with animals and clear blue sky.

However, there are times when people choose our products because they serve as a reminder of memories they have made and good times they have had. We love hearing about how My Wonderful Walls can help be a memory-keeping tool for families, and this testimonial from a California couple, Diana and Peter, is one of our favorites.

Stephanie: Who are you decorating the room for?

Diana and Peter: We are decorating a nursery for our daughter Mia, who turned 7 weeks old on September 17th.

Stephanie: Which My Wonderful Walls product did you purchase?

Diana and Peter: We went with the Forest Theme Wall Stickers– it is so cute! It was also a really great option for us, since we both love nature and we wanted something suitable for either a boy or girl, since we didn't know if Mia would be a girl or a boy until she was born. We both also love hiking and being out in nature, and Peter is from the countryside of Sweden, so every time we go into the nursery it feels a little like that! It brings us back to our roots, which is such a special thing.

Stephanie: Why did you choose stickers over stencils?

Diana and Peter: We were originally going to buy the stencils, but changed our minds because we liked the idea of being able to move the stickers around more easily (which ended up coming in handy, as we moved designs around quite often). Plus, it was much faster and we really liked the textured look of the stickers a lot.


Stephanie: How long did it take you to complete the project?

Diana and Peter: It took a few hours to sand the shelves and paint the walls and ceiling of the nursery –which was a former walk-in closet – before we placed the stickers on the wall, but the stickers themselves took just minutes once the paint was dry. It was a super easy project and it looked great when it was finished.

Stephanie: Describe your artistic comfort level.

Diana and Peter: Well, Peter did all the wall painting in our house, and Diana sketches and paints very well, so we would say that we are pretty comfortable doing artsy things. But your sticker kit made it so easy that we could have done it even if we had no background with things like that.

Stephanie: What did you like about installing the forest theme wall mural? Did you add any personal touches?

Diana and Peter: We loved how simple it was and how amazing it looked when the room was finished. We did not add any personal touches to the walls themselves, but we tried to match the rest of the room to it to help keep to a similar theme.

Stephanie: Do you have any helpful tips for people who will decorate with our forest theme wall stickers or other wall stickers?

Diana and Peter: Make sure you have your furniture set up (or that you have marked off on the walls) where you want to have the scenes before you start placing the stickers on the wall. All in all, we really enjoyed putting the nursery together, and thanks to this product we were able to achieve our vision of what it would look like!

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