Customer Spotlight: Princess Wall Stencils find a home in Treasure Island, Florida

by Stephanie Goins on November 07, 2011

Princess Room

No matter where you live or what age your children are, chances are that imagination and interactive play are a large part of what they enjoy doing each day, whether or not their time is spent indoors, outdoors, in the city, or in the country. While where you live may play a role in the landscapes and creatures your child has access to, our wall stickers and wall stencil kits allow for endless imaginative opportunities wherever you call home.

Not only do our kits allow you to play around with fun backgrounds and a broad range of settings and themes, but they also allow people from all living situations to utilize decals and paint sets without any risk of them not fitting the walls. The stickers themselves are an added benefit to people living in apartments or rental homes, as the stickers are easily removable and will transfer easily form home to home so that you never have to leave your favorite room design behind.

Recently one of our customers in Florida wrote in to tell us how much fun she had working with our princess wall stencils. She said,

“Hi My Wonderful Walls, this is Saskia from Treasure Island, Florida. I recently bought the Perfectly Princess Wall Stencil Kit from the My Wonderful Walls website for my 3-year-old daughter’s room and absolutely loved how it turned out! I actually went to your website with my daughter and she picked it out herself- it was so fun to get to share the whole process with her from beginning to end like that.

Initially we thought we would do wall stickers, since they are so effortless and are removable and reusable as well, but since we have textured walls, I just did not think stickers don't work with them. That is why we decided to go the wall stencils and paint route. Even though the paint is not as simple as the stickers, it is still a very easy process. We chipped away at it bit by bit each week and finished within the month – not bad for a mom and a 3-year-old helper!

I am pretty comfortable and experienced with doing craft-type projects, but I really appreciated how the My Wonderful Walls stencil kit makes being creative possible for anyone, regardless of their experience doing art projects. I also really liked the fact that you can put together your own design with all the stencils, and it fits with walls of all sizes and lengths. You can also use the colors from the paint kit that coordinate best with your room design (or even get your own paint to match existing paint colors) so that you are not stuck with a certain color-scheme.

My daughter and I LOVE the castle! It's just so much fun -plus it's pretty big - and we decided to use it as a centerpiece that you see right when you walk in the room! We decided to create the whole design starting out with the biggest stencils, which allowed us to use the most stencils from the package. I will definitely use My Wonderful Walls again for another room with all the choices that they offer. We also loved the option to get the paint and utensils with the order – it saves a lot of time for sure.

I have really seen that decorating a kid’s rooms with specific scenery allows them to be much more creative within that space. It's a whole different imaginary world on the walls that triggers their has really been a treat to see my daughter expand her horizon and dream up new things in her new room!”

Thanks so much Saskia for sharing your experience with us! Your daughter’s princess room is beautiful and we can't wait to see what you two do next!

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