Customer Spotlight: Florida Couple Adds Their Own Creative Touch to Ladybug Baby Nursery

by Stephanie Goins on January 18, 2012

Ladybug Baby Nursery

For Chris and Jennifer, a Melbourne, Florida couple, the room they were decorating for their newborn daughter needed to be nothing short of spectacular. They wanted Riley, their daughter, to have a wall mural that would grow with her, stimulating her imagination and inspiring her play well into her developmental years. The couple also wanted something fitting for a baby girl but not too girly – the Bugs and Blooms wall stencil kit from My Wonderful Walls was the perfect fit. By design, the kit is very colorful, which is great for engaging a baby’s awareness from an early age. The images and scene also have a lot of personality and flair, which will continue to engage Riley’s sense of adventure in the months and years to come.

When asked why they chose to go with a wall stencil kit versus the stickers that are also available on the My Wonderful Walls website, the couple said simply, “We just were looking specifically for stencils, as the detail and hands-on experience they provided were right up our alley.”

Flowering Tree Wall StencilsChris and Jennifer took their time on Riley’s room, spacing the project out over a number of weekends. The duo wanted to take the time needed to do the project right; they also wanted to have fun coming up with new ideas for stencil placement to help incorporate the tree Jennifer had painted in the room. As both Chris and Jennifer are pretty creative people, the idea of painting via stencils afforded them the opportunity to be creative in a safe environment, versus having the stress of freehand-painting the entire room.

Since their nursery had a couple of tall walls, Jennifer used a projector to project an image of a tree that fit wonderfully with the existing stencil kit. She placed the tree in the corner of the room extending from the hillside up to the ceiling. The couple then used the My Wonderful Walls wall mural stencil kit to move the tree into the background and it turned out perfectly. Aside from the tree, their favorite part of the room by far is the stencil of the lady caterpillar. Her fun and engaging personality brings the whole character of the room together.

For Chris and Jennifer, the painting process was extremely bonding and helped to take their minds off of the days that lay between them and the birth of their daughter. It allowed them to pour their love for their unborn daughter into a lasting memory-filled room motif that everyone, including Riley, can enjoy.

Floral Baby NurseryChris and Jennifer found the My Wonderful Walls website by doing a simple Google search; once their kit arrived in the mail, they quickly were able to get to work laying out the scenes and characters on the walls of the nursery. When asked what their advice to other people using stencils would be, they replied by saying, “ Definitely follow the instructions and use light dabs of paint on the stencils. We poured very small amounts of paint on the edge of paper plates and on the first coat we dabbed the sponge brush almost completely dry on the paper plate before applying. Don’t be afraid to use too little paint until you get comfortable with the process.”

As for their experience as a whole, they said, “We wanted to create something for our daughter that would be something that she would grow up around. We had always envisioned a nursery filled with personality that looked like a world that would occupy our daughter’s mind when she spent time in there, either in her crib or playing. The stencils gave us exactly that, as well the creative flexibility to create a scene that perfectly fit our personal tastes.”