Dallas Parents Create Animal Room Wonderland For Their Little Oceanographer!

by Stephanie Goins on February 07, 2012

Animal Lovers Girl Room

For the past two years, six-year-old Molly has sworn off everything girly - from flowers to princesses; she has even decided on blue as her favorite color. Her mother and father, Emily and Jeremy, were planning on redecorating her room with an Under The Sea theme when they discovered they were having twins and had to put the plans on hold.

When it came time to discuss the redecorating again, because they were also planning on having Molly change rooms to make way for the twins, they wanted to do something extra special. Emily, who knew Molly was a lover of the orca whale, and had collected a few items here and there getting ready for the ocean-room makeover, wanted to make sure that was still what Molly wanted. Her response? “Well Mommy, you know… I love ocean animals AND land animals.”

So, Emily went back to the drawing board, or in this case the Internet, and began searching again - this time with Molly’s help. In her original search for ocean-themed rooms, she found My Wonderful Walls’ Under the Sea Set on etsy.com, thinking it was adorable, and asked Molly to check it out. Unfortunately, after seeing the mermaids, and thinking about Ariel, a known Disney Princess, that was definitely out.

After continuing the search, Molly immediately yelled out, “MOMMY! Go back!! That one has a fox and an OWL!!” Upon further inspection Emily and Molly noticed the Forest Friends Wall Sticker Kit included much more – a rabbit, a frog, a turtle, a deer, birds… and it was decided – there was no looking elsewhere, and according to Emily, “My little animal lover was sold!”

Although Emily, who was 32 weeks pregnant at the time, allowed Jeremy to do most of the work, was unaware that My Wonderful Walls also sold wall stencil kits, she is still pleased with her purchase of the wall stickers. She loves the look and texture of the stickers and the fact that they have different color tones in them. She feels that they add just a little extra pop to the room that painted stencils may lack.

When it comes to Jeremy, who was skeptical about wall stickersto begin with, he comments quite often to his wife, “Yeah, you made a good find with those stickers. I love how nice these stickers are. Not that cheap, plastic-looking vinyl stuff!” Emily was also quite surprised at the helpfulness of co-owner, Stephanie Goins. She wanted to know about paint colors and had emailed the company; she was pleased to receive feedback quickly and completely loved the entire experience.

As for six-year-old Molly, her mom says she “loves the ENTIRE thing…she’s had a lot of fun with the mouse that Daddy hid behind her shoe bucket!” Way to go Emily and Jeremy for creating such a wonderful room for your terrific daughter, and congratulations on having twins!! We hope to help you create a room for them in the future!!

Thank you, Emily, Jeremy and Molly, for sharing your beautiful story and room with us!

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