Netherland Dad Creates Colorful Jungle Murals for His "Kinderen"

by Stephanie Goins on February 20, 2012

baby room jungle

As many of our readers know, most of the time when our customers send in photos of the rooms they have created with our wall stickers or wall mural stencil kits, it is a room belonging to a family right here in the United States or often to our northern Canadian neighbors. Today, we have something quite a bit different from the norm to share with you: we would like to introduce, Rolf, the father of 2-year-old daughter, Indy, and newborn son, Dylan – who all live in Huizen, Netherlands!

It is amazing to not only have a father be the one to contact us about the project he completed (typically it is other moms that get in touch with us) using the Jungle Safari Stencil Kit, but also the fact that he and his family reside in a completely different country more than 4,000 miles from here. My Wonderful Walls is proud to have spread their wings to Huizen, which is a small town near Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands.

The project, which was originally intended for newborn Dylan’s nursery, ended up claiming a spot in Indy’s room as well. The Jungle Safari Stencil Kit was a great option for Rolf’s little ones since it appeals to both girls and boys of all ages. For Indy, who loves elephants and animals of all sizes, the jungle theme could not have been more perfect.

During the time it took Rolf to complete the nursery and Indy’s wall, he found enjoyment and excitement in the idea that every wall stencil he painted slowly changed the mood of the scene and the overall look of the room. According to Rolf, Indy absolutely loves it, and he knows that Dylan will love it too.

Before starting the project, Rolf happened to be surfing YouTube for room wall stencils where he found the My Wonderful Walls video. He immediately knew that the company and their beautiful products were the perfect fit for his children, and so he purchased the stencils right away. Rolf found the Jungle Safari Kit easy to use, lots of fun, and is immensely proud of how the project turned out.

It’s becoming more common these days to hear from customers from other countries, and goes to show that My Wonderful Walls has REACHED with the giraffes to new places, and can make wonderful walls not just in America, but also across the globe! We are proud of this success, not only for our company, but for Rolf and his children: Indy and Dylan.

This shows that our wall stencils, and our wall stickers can help children grow and use their imaginations throughout the world. It does not matter what your cultural background, or where you live, every child can find happiness in the simplicity and beauty of our wall stickers and wall stencil kits. Our goal is to make people everywhere happy, and knowing that a family in a small town near Amsterdam, Netherlands, has found that happiness has given us even more excitement about the work that we are blessed to get to do each day.

Congratulations, Rolf, on creating a GRRRREAT, well, wonderful room for your children!

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