A Surprising Moment For A Very Special Princess

by Stephanie Goins on February 27, 2012

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In September, the Burke family – Bill and Mary and their two little girls, 4-year-old Riley and 2-year-old Ruby – began building their new home in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. For Mary and the girls, the first order of business was to begin shopping in order to decorate the girls' rooms. Riley, who is obsessed with pink and loves everything princess, declared that only a pink and purple princess room would do.

Immediately Mary began searching the Internet for 'princess wall decals,' and that is when she found the My Wonderful Walls webpage. She chose the Princess Wall Sticker Kit, as it was the best one she found that did not involve the Disney Princesses in the slightest – something that would make both her and her daughter extremely happy.

Although the room was a blank slate, which Mary could do anything with, she chose the wall stickers over the princess wall mural stencil kit, because the stickers are easier to place and removable. Mary was pleasantly pleased with her purchase, and surprised at how different the My Wonderful Walls Stickers compared to those she has used before. She found the texture of the wall stickers combined with the matte quality, prevented the Princess Wall Stickers from appearing very plastic-like.

In fact, when people come to visit their new home and see Riley's room, they initially believe that Mary painted the wall stickers on the walls. Mary attributes this to the quality and craftsmanship of the My Wonderful Walls Princess Sticker Wall Kit, and could not be more pleased with how the room turned out, and how simple it was to complete.

In the past, Mary has used other decals that are difficult to remove from the paper they come on. However, with the ones she purchased from My Wonderful Walls, she found them very easy to remove from the paper and even easier to place. In only 20 minutes, Mary had all of the wall stickers placed where she wanted them, including the bigger ones, which she was a little concerned about.

When it came time for the big reveal – as Riley had not seen the room – it was spectacular! While Mary waited inside Riley's room – camera ready – she called for Riley to open the door. When she did, Mary was able to capture a look of utter amazement and sheer delight on her face. In her mother's words, "When Riley first saw her room she was shocked, speechless, and smiling ear to ear." Riley now has the princess room of her dreams and continually tells her mother, "Mommy, I really love my room."

Time and again, My Wonderful Walls hears from customers who have purchased our products, and are continually pleased with the feedback we receive. It's not every day that a company has the opportunity to help parents make their children's dreams come true. For My Wonderful Walls, that is just what happens when our products are purchased, and we are almost as delighted as the children who receive the room! Congratulations on your new home and creating such a wonderful place for Riley to grow, play and use her imagination!

A big thank you to Mary and Riley for sharing your amazing princess room with us!

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