Old Friends Reconnect During Jungle Room Makeover In Carlsbad, California!

by Stephanie Goins on March 12, 2012

giraffe stencils jungle room

With plans to move her younger son, 3-year-old Jace into her son Joshua's room, it was time to begin remodeling to build an additional room for Miyako’s 6-year-old. Once the room was completed, Miyako was sure she wanted a mural painted on the walls, and Joshua knew the right one as soon as he saw it – the Safari Theme Wall Mural Stencil Kit from My Wonderful Walls.

Miyako, who has never painted a mural prior to this, was a bit nervous. However, with the help of her childhood best friend, Shelley - an artist - and her daughter Devan, Miyako knew the room would be wonderful. After ordering the stencil kit from My Wonderful Walls, Miyako followed the listed suggestions for paint colors and ordered them. She mentioned how great it was that My Wonderful Walls helps parents by offering paint suggestions, including the background color and colors for the rolling hills. One tip in particular that Miyako was thankful for, was the idea of chalking out where the furniture would go, and then removing it from the room prior to painting, which she found on the how-to-video regarding painting the Safari Mural.

At the start of the project, Miyako was a little uncomfortable, but by the time Joshua's ROARING new room was complete, she realized she learned so much and that she, too, could paint! Having Shelley by her side not only instilled her confidence in her painting abilities, but allowed them to catch-up after 25 years of being apart.

Aside from spending time with her long-lost friend, Miyako really enjoyed the project. She found the Jungle Safari Theme Wall Mural Stencils easy to use, and offered her the 'professional' look, which is why she chose the stencils over the wall stickers. Because it was Joshua's room, they let him help decide where many of the animals would go, and even let him and his brother, Jace, paint a few of the stencils. Miyako mentioned this was one of her favorite parts – the stencils could be placed on the wall and she could let the boys paint, without fear that they it be ruined and/or need redone!

Overall, the project took approximately four days to complete. One of the most amazing parts of the project was the detail work, which brought the entire room to life, and where Shelley's daughter Devan helped a lot. Although Miyako could not pick a specific stencil that was her favorite – she like them all – Shelley was really excited about how the elephants turned out. One tip the friends had was to use a polyurethane spray over all the wall stencils to keep them from fading. Miyako does recommend you use a flat clear spray as opposed to satin, which would make them too shiny.

Together, they were able to add many personal touches, including a sun, painting leaves on the trees to bring them to life, and blending the colors of paints on the animals, trees and flowers for contrast. Adding personal touches to the wall mural, Miyako said, was what she really liked about using the stencils! Joshua absolutely loves his room, and his mother, Miyako, is happy to have found something he could keep for years, which she says, "We never would have found without My Wonderful Walls!"

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