Dallas Mom Creates A Train Theme Room For Her Son Where Everything Moves His Imagination

by Stephanie Goins on April 23, 2012

transportation theme roomRecently Stephanie Goins, owner of My Wonderful Walls, had the opportunity to discuss one of her favorite topics – a newly decorated room – with a mom that was absolutely thrilled with how her son’s room re-decoration project turned out thanks to the wall stencil kit she bought from MyWonderfulWalls.com. Here is what Leslie from Dallas, Texas, had to say:

Stephanie Goins (SG): How did you find My Wonderful Walls?

Leslie (L): [Through] a Google search.

SG: Which My Wonderful Walls product did you use to decorate Simon's room?

L: The Transportation Fascination Mural Kit, because my son loves things that go – cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, and most of all, choo-choos.

SG: That theme is also available in wall stickers, why did you choose the mural kit instead?

L: My husband was afraid that the stickers would leave sticky goop on the walls. (But for the record, our wall stickers DO NOT! No sir, no way!)

SG: How long until the project was completed?

L: I am not artistic, so with lots of help [Michael, Maggie, Kimsan and Ramsey], the project was completed in 3 days!

SG: Was using our wall stencils what you expected?

L: It has been a long time since I did something like that, so it was lots of fun. It was fun to plan where to put things and decide on colors. Also, it was incredibly satisfying to pull off a sticker and see a beautiful, finished figure.

SG: Many My Wonderful Walls customers add personal touches to the rooms, did you?

L: I used different colors than those recommended for the grass and sky. I chose a much brighter green called Grass Green, actually, and then used the blue that we already had from painting the living room.

SG: What was Simon's reaction when he first saw is new bedroom?

L: He pointed at the figures on the wall and named all of the ones that he could!

SG: Did you have a particularly favorite wall stencil?

L: My son loves trains, so I'm probably happiest with that. I put it right above his changing table, so if he's restless during a diaper change, I can point to it to distract him.

SG: How would you describe your overall experience using the Transportation Fascination Wall Mural Kit?

L: I found the mural to be a great, fun and cost-effective way to decorate my son's room in our first house, in a way that I never could have done otherwise. The result is fantastic – he loves it, and I get so many compliments from everyone who sees it!

After hearing from Leslie, Stephanie is once again proud of the products she and the My Wonderful Walls Team provide parents worldwide with as simple solutions for creating wonderful spaces for children to learn, imagine, grow and most importantly, play!

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