Busy Mom Finds Easy Solution To Decorating Problem

by Stephanie Goins on April 26, 2012

Large Tree Wall Sticker

As a working mother with two little boys, Aleksandra was faced with a dilemma when she found out she was having a little girl: how to redecorate the baby's room with the precious little spare time she had. Aleksandra considers herself an artsy person, and could have painted using stencils or freehand, but with having two boys and a job that demanded her time and attention, she needed an option that was easy, quick, and beautiful.

While Aleksandra loves the color pink, she believes it is overused, so she went to Etsy.com - where she does most of her art shopping - to find something different. Although she was originally set on purchasing some wall décor, which Etsy has plenty to offer, she kept returning to My Wonderful Walls.

She found that their products, particularly the wall stickers, were quite different from other wall décor she found. As a lover of flowers and trees, the Splendid Garden Theme Wall Sticker Kit was the perfect fit. What made these wall stickers even more fitting was the walls were painted blue, which was the color of the room already. Although she did need to paint some green grass, it worked out nicely, as they could use the extra green paint to paint another room, which they were already planning on painting green!

Once the flower wall stickers arrived, which Aleksandra deemed 'gorgeous,' she began placing them, although it was not in her plans for the evening. In fact, it was her two boys that came up with the idea to get started, as according to Aleksandra, "kids have a bit less patience."

Even though it was Luke and Matias' idea to get started on the project, Aleksandra was worried about how long it would take, as it was getting close to bedtime. As a family, including her husband Milosz, who helped with the tree, they were able to complete the project that night. In fact, Aleksandra decided to let the boys help place some stickers, but other than that she felt this was definitely a project easily completed by one person.

Now, her daughter Milena, who is six months old, is drawn to the colors and shapes of the wall stickers. Maybe that is because she was actually born in the room, surrounded by nature. Her mother says, "I don't think that there is a private room in any hospital that looks like that!" She says, "Thank you My Wonderful Walls for making my life easier."

Although Aleksandra chose to use the wall stickers in a bedroom, they are a quick way to update any room in your home, offering many themes to choose from. In fact, if you are looking to easily update your son's playroom, the Transportation Theme Wall Sticker Kit is the perfect solution. Or, if you have a daughter who dreams of becoming a Princess, and are looking for an easy way to build her a kingdom, consider the Princess Theme Wall Sticker Kit. Want to do a quick and simple bathroom update? Check out the Under the Sea Theme Wall Sticker Kit!

Thank you Aleksandra, for sharing your room and story with us!