Creative Family Photos on a Budget

by Stephanie Goins on May 07, 2012

Creative Family PhotosWe have all been there – taking countless photos but then they literally live on our SD cards or in our computers, never to see the light of day, let alone a fun frame. This Spring, let’s do something new. Let’s say “no” to forgotten family photos and say “yes” to being creative with the pictures of our loved ones that make us smile and say, “THAT was one amazing moment!”

It all starts with a great photo. Whether taken by a photographer in a studio or snapped at home in a split second of candid hilarity, the photos we want to display and call attention to are the ones that say something about us and about those we love. Many people have a slew of such photos just begging to be turned into art, but if you are looking for some photo inspiration, we have found a few things that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

First up is this collection of crazy-creative kid shots, courtesy of Jason Lee from Bored Panda. While most of the photos are clearly edited for dramatic effect, they still serve as a great reminder that allowing kids to have fun and be themselves is one of the surest ways to capture a genuine smile. If a more realistic photo is more your style, check out this fun family photo idea from photographybyalison. Placing children in the forefront with smiling parents cuddling behind them is a great way to feature the kids while keeping the family unit together in one photo.

Pinterest is a gold mine for both entertaining and breathtaking photo ideas; some of our personal favorites have been pinned by Kristin Spencer, including a photo of a family covered in paint and one of a family photographed from the knees down, all lined up with jeans rolled up and feet left bare. No matter how you shoot the photo, if it is true to your family chemistry and reflects your unique perspective on life, it will turn out wonderfully.

Once you have photos pulled together that you are excited to display, the time comes to decide how exactly you will be featuring them. In our digital world, we have many options that steer away from basic print-and-frame options, including canvas wall art, digital slide shows played via digital frames or large screens, pillow prints, and so much more. We love the idea of grouping photos together in clusters or of placing one large photo in an unexpected place throughout the home.

Family Tree Wall StickerWe make two fun family tree photo sticker kits that are perfect for any room of the home. There is one set with big frames and another that gives off a more natural, whimsical feel, either of which are a great way to show off family portraits in style. To refer again to Pinterest, there are many other ways that you can organize or stylize your photo displays, too. From straight-edged, monochromatic photo walls to photos that take you on a journey up the stairs and down the hall, to dramatic shapes against brightly painted backdrops, to a single dramatic photograph, the options are truly endless.

If you come up with a photo display you are dying to share, come on over to our Facebook page and share it with us! We would love to see what you come up with!