A Forest of Fun in Texas

by Stephanie Goins on July 09, 2012

Forest Wall Mural Kit

We were thrilled to learn that a Forest Friends Wall mural has arrived in the heart of Texas! Created with the forest stencil kit by My Wonderful Walls for a growing 9-month baby girl, this nursery is not just any traditional baby room. Instead, a lively forest of furry friends, soaring birds, and brilliant colors fill the play and sleep space this little bundle of joy calls her room.

The nursery was designed to be versatile and to keep a special little girl’s interest peaked for years to come. At 9-months, she loved watching her family created the colorful designs on the wall. As she started using her first words and sounds, her parents were also thrilled to hear her tweeting and cooing along with the stencils of birds soaring above her head.

Now that she is a full-fledged toddler, the room has become a haven of learning. Colors and animals are within constant reach for nature lessons all within the comfort of a room she calls her own. Using a forest scene not only allows the room to transition with a child’s development, but also helps our customers avoid big, decorating makeovers every single year.

This vibrant forest scene was designed with flexibility in mind. Animals could be used on the walls as many times as the family wanted and personalized paint colors could be added for a unique touch. Completed over the course of about a week, this project came together at the delight of both parent and child.

Being able to add some additional personal touches was an added bonus to the project. Adding a couple of hedgehogs and bird nests to the scene, which were traced from a design on one of their little one’s outfits, gave the room the feeling of an enormous coloring book. While all the animals on this mural are worthy of complete adoration, the fox and the turtle stand out as exceptional animal friends to this happy family.

Every little girl has a favorite story, and The Very Hungary Caterpillar holds a special place in the hearts of these inspired Texans. Using an inchworm stencil alongside a butterfly stencil, they were able to add pictures of tiny eggs and a chrysalis to show the butterfly life cycle on one of the trees. It only takes one small idea to bring a big story to life, and for the little girl that inhabits this room it is as if The Very Hungary Caterpillar is now there to say hello each and every day on her walls.

Our friends in Texas have an excellent tip for other aspiring stencil painters looking to create a versatile room. They advise that it is best to paint without taking large pieces of furniture into account. While you may not be able to see the friendly fox behind the crib now, when it comes time to change over to a toddler bed, a new friend suddenly appears to the delight of your child!

At 2-years old, we’re thrilled to hear that the little girl who is growing up in this forest of friends is still in love with her walls. In fact, she often sings to the animals that adorn her room and even wishes them a good night when her fun-filled day is done.

All of us here at My Wonderful Walls thank you for sharing your story and beautiful forest room with us!