Customer Spotlight: Darling Forest Room Redo

by Stephanie Goins on July 18, 2012

forest theme wall mural

Expecting a baby is an exciting time; there is just no denying it! However, if mommy-to-be is completely honest, it’s also a period of time that can usher in some incredible levels of exhaustion as well. With so much to do in honor of baby’s impending arrival, expectant mothers are always on the lookout for ways to preggo-proof their baby projects.

At My Wonderful Walls, we stand in solidarity with ambitious and creative, if not a little sleepy, moms-to-be everywhere. We know that you may not be able to pick up the loads of supplies you could a few months ago behind a growing belly. We also understand that reaching that top shelf has become more of an Everest-like feat that ever before! However, just because your baby is growing does not mean your creativity has to be put on hold. Mural wall stickers and wall stencils are a fun and easy way for moms in every stage of pregnancy to tackle a newborn nursery with all the love and attention those walls deserve. After all, they will be surrounding a very precious bundle of joy and you will want your walls to portray the happiness the room is bound to hold.

Andrea from Woodstock, Georgia, is expecting her little boy, Jake, on July 14, 2012, and she found her pregnancy-friendly project for his nursery at Andrea chose our Forest Friends wall stencils to create a wild wonderland that matched the Carter’s Forest Friends Bedding she had previously picked out. Completed over the course of several weekends at a pace that fit her own schedule, Andrea was able to come up with a natural and calming scene for Jake that includes everything from a pond to turtles, chipmunks, and towering leafy trees.

If a sticker or stencil wall mural isn’t something you feel you have the stamina to take on independently, we recommend throwing a nursery decorating party and inviting all of your closest and, more importantly, agile friends! This gives you a chance to design your child’s walls, but receive some well-deserved assistance with the actual application or painting process.

Spending time with those you love as you all work to decorate the walls of your baby’s nursery, can be a special memory in the making. It also adds a little history to a room that is inherently designed for the future. As your baby grows, you’ll be able to point out unique designs, images or scenes that family and friends placed in honor of baby’s arrival.

With a little help from your friends, nursery decoration doesn’t have to be daunting at all. Turn any stress you may have into a fantastic sticker and stencil celebration. Considering incorporating some yummy snacks to keep everyone motivated in the creative direction you’ve envisioned.

We want to send all of our best wishes out to Andrea as she eagerly awaits her little Jake this coming July. We think he’s going to love his new Forest Friends and we wish both baby and mommy many happy memories within those wonderful walls!

 ** Update from Andrea: Jake is here! He was born three weeks early on June 24th. Welcome to the world, Jake!**

tree wall stencil

painting forest mural

forest theme mural