Customer Spotlight: Medical Mommy from WA Finds Artistic Confidence with Girl's Room Makeover

by Stephanie Goins on August 08, 2012

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We absolutely love hearing customer tales of courage and success when it comes to home décor. That’s why we were so inspired when we saw the final results of one of our customer's most recent wall decoration endeavor. Based in Snohomish, Washington, this Naturopathic Doctor has a knack for healing, but was timid to try decorating when it came to her daughter’s room.

A self-proclaimed possessor of “absolutely NO talent,” this medical mommy decided to try her hand at the Flower Garden wall mural stencil kit, with a little help from her family too.  Alongside her husband Troy and mother Marsha, Theresa set out to create a pink, floral paradise for her daughter, Lourdes, who just recently turned three.

We know how much little girls dream of a big pastel world to call their own, and Theresa was determined to create something spectacular for her little bundle of joy. With stencils in hand and a desire to try something new in mind, Theresa was pleased to report that the stencil kit not only helped her express her own creativity, but made the process easy as well. 

Part of what we love about decorating a room is the journey that comes along with it.  From bare walls to brilliant art that comes to life, wall stencils, wall stickers and canvas art have the power to transform dull walls into a child’s dream. We were so happy to hear that the adventure of creation topped Theresa’s experience list as well. She enjoyed seeing the walls go from plain to beautiful as she finished each and every stencil. Not only was it a gratifying experience, but it helped Theresa move beyond from the realm of “I can’t” into “I CAN create something amazing!” Talk about a confidence-boosting decorating experience!

With a new-found artistic confidence leading the way, Theresa completed a floral fantasy land that plays host to wall trees, purple flowers, soaring birds and rolling green hills. While Theresa was concentrated on making each stencil and image as idyllic as possible, Lourdes anxiously anticipated the unveiling of her brand new room. When the time came to show her daughter what she had worked so hard to complete, the reaction couldn’t have been better, as Theresa was rewarded with a beaming, “Oh my goodness! I love it, Mommy!”

Pleased with the outcome of Lourdes' room, Theresa has new artistic confidence and some advice for those looking to stencil in their own homes. She recommends using three coats of acrylic pain for every stencil and not worrying if it bleeds through a little, because there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed with a small paintbrush and a steady hand.

From fearful amateur to professional stencil painter, we’re proud to hear that this medical mommy has accessed her creative talent and we wish her an infinite amount of inspiration in the future! Thanks Theresa for sharing your wonderful room makeover with us here at My Wonderful Walls!

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girls room wall mural