Customer Spotlight: Forest Theme Wall Stickers Perfect for Not-So Girly-Girl

by Stephanie Goins on August 12, 2012

Forest Themed Wall Stickers

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with a Minnesota mom named Sheri that had recently tried out one of our wall sticker sets. Like many of our customers, she and her husband, Nate, had decided to paint some scenery on the walls to act as a backdrop for the stickers, so it was really great to hear how the two different decorating processes worked together to create a wonderful room that is perfect for their outdoor-loving little girl.

Stephanie: Who did you do this fun room makeover for?

Sheri: We did it for our daughter, Peyton. She turned two in February, so we thought that a new look for her room would be a fun way to celebrate that milestone.

Stephanie: Tell me a little bit about why you chose the forest theme and how it fit with your vision for the room.

Sheri: We bought the Forest Friends Stickers, largely because Peyton is a self-proclaimed animal and outdoors lover. Peyton is definitely not a “girly-girl” so this sticker set is right up her alley.

Stephanie: Why did you go with a sticker mural set versus one of our painted wall stencil sets?

Sheri: We are not really that artistic, so the thought of painting an entire room – even by stencil – was a bit more of a project than what we wanted to take on at the time. That said, we decided to paint some scenery on the walls before placing the stickers; we thought that it would add a little dimension to the scenes and it really did. It only took us two nights to finish the projects; one night to paint and another night to place stickers. It was so easy, and it was great that Peyton did not have to wait a really long time to get to enjoy her room.

Stephanie: Tell me a little bit about how you found us and about your overall experience.

Sheri: I just searched online and ran across your site. Right away, I knew that it was what I had been looking for. We wanted something unique but that would not take a lot of time, which is why making the decision to use the forest wall stickers was easy. I smile every time I go into Peyton’s room! You guys were also great – every time I emailed with a question, someone emailed me right back, which was very helpful.

Stephanie: What do other people think about the finished product?

Sheri: Everyone that comes to look at the room thinks that the stickers are stencils – they are that realistic! The best part, though, is seeing how much Peyton loves her now room!

We loved getting to sneak a peek into Sheri and Nate’s creation; thank you so much, both of you, for sharing your room makeover with us!

Have you recently finished updating a room with a product from My Wonderful Walls? If so, let us know about it –you may be one of the rooms that we feature next!