Why We’re Passionate About Pinterest

by Stephanie Goins on March 25, 2012

Pinterest Logo

Social media has opened up a lot of doors to the general masses when it comes to communication, however, one of the greatest benefits of being able to connect globally at the click of a button is the inspiration to be found! Pinterest has found its way into the hearts and homes of those who live in all parts of the world, but the beauty of it lies in just how much it can do in one person’s life on any given day. With a multitude of creative ideas just waiting to be added to a user’s collection, we’ve broken it down to three of the top ways the site can be used, and why we’re passionate about Pinterest here at My Wonderful Walls

Personal Inspiration
Pinterest is more than just a random collection of items that people like and love, it’s also a place where people come together to share amazing ideas. Creativity is perpetuated through the sharing of information, so one person’s afternoon craft, like these creative curtains, could be another’s complete home renovation. Pinterest is the place where creative ideas can homes according to season, style or just a daily mood—and we think versatility is key! Use Pinterest to browse for great ideas, or just scan what others love to see what hits you. You’ll be surprised at the ideas you’ll come up with.

Kid’s Crafts
We’ve all been there—the kids are home from school and bored, or need an idea for an impending project that’s due sooner rather than later. Pinterest can be a parent’s best friend when it comes to providing hours of entertainment for the kids at home, or inspiring a school project! Even better, Pinterest users tend to be super smart when it comes to recycling old household materials to make new and exciting kid’s crafts. For example, taking an old pair of jeans and transforming it into your child’s favorite hair clip holder. Get ready to get your kids creating and save some money while you’re at it!

Workspace Improvement
It’s not a secret that many of us dwell in workspaces, either at home or at an office, that are less than impressive. Offices and work areas are normally built with utility in mind and not necessarily aesthetic appeal. When it comes to amping up your own workspace, we recommend a quick trip through Pinterest. Not only is the site bursting with ideas for taking your office from bland to brand new, but you’ll also find great tips for organizing and keeping a hectic day in line with the simple addition of labels or recycled boxes. The additional bonus to using Pinterest to spruce up your workplace is the inevitable conversation starter you’ll create. When others see your creative work, you’ll probably be surprised to find a number of other colleagues contribute to or use Pinterest as well. Not only does this make the site a great functional tool, but the first step into a brand new social setting as well!

There are a lot of great reasons to take a little time to explore Pinterest.com, however, if home, work or play or at the top of your priority list, it’s an absolute must to visit and dig in for some inspiration!