Siblings Get Ocean and Transportation Room Makeovers

by Stephanie Goins on April 12, 2012

ocean stickers

Once upon a time there was a mom from Georgia named Tammy; she had two little ones, Maddox and Mandolin. One day Tammy realized that her little ones were growing up and decided that they needed rooms that were comfortable, peaceful, and made them happy. It was her dream that they would have a home full of memories and hearts full of joy. But she didn’t really think that she had the freestyle artistic talent to create something all on her own. Inspired by her love of her faith, her family, and her friends, Tammy embarked on a great quest to create beautiful rooms—one for each of her special, unique children.

She began on Google, browsing the expansive Internet in hopes of discovering the perfect tools to make her visions come to life. She searched and she searched…finally she discovered My Wonderful Walls. This magical company offered everything she needed and suddenly her creativity began to flow.

Five-year-old Maddox is boy through-and-through. He loves everything having to do with transportation—especially fast cars and trains. He dreamed of roads weaving along his walls so he could take his toy cars on long trips apolice car stickerround his room. Tammy chose the Transportation theme stickers, adding Maddox’s name to a banner being pulled along by a green and blue plane. Because these are her son’s favorite colors, she just knew that he would think it was perfect.

For Mandolin, her room needed to be a magical world that spoke to her love of the ocean. Tammy knows that her daughter’s favorite things about the ocean are the animals that live beneath the surface, and that her imagination is just as big as the ocean itself. So Under the Sea Wall Stickers it just had to be. A purple octopus took its place on the wall along with his turtle and dolphin friends. Mandolin’s name drifted along on a special banner pulled by one of the sleek dolphins. Even an expeditious submarine was set on an adventure through the depths.

Tammy let her beloved little ones help her paint the rooms, but the stickers she left up to herself. She chose the stickers from My Wonderful Walls because they are so detailed, easy to apply, and can even be moved if Maddox or Mandolin want to change the look or the family makes a move. These wall stickers created an amazing surprise as she positioned them around.

No truly special decorating fairytale would be complete without some personalized touches to make the rooms especially for their lucky owners—and these rooms are no different. Tammy took Maddox’s dream of a road and added one along the wall, perfect for an exciting chase between a police car and a bright red race car.

For Mandolin the Under the Sea paradise would only be perfect with the addition of a vibrant underwater volcano. Here the mermaids and mermen could frolic and swim. Tammy’s additions to the My Wonderful Walls wall stickers was just the right finish for her story… she took the dreams and ideas floating in the minds of her children and turned them into special rooms just for them.

Tammy had found the perfect way to give each of their children just the right rooms so they could drift into their dreams. And everyone lived happily ever after. The end.